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Author: admin, 16.03.2015
A recent look at 87 long term studies have proven that when it comes to burning body fat, reducing your carb intake DOES work best.
I went from near sobbing fits over my computer not working properly to hysterical laughter at the thought of even undertaking such an experiment. You see, your brain NEEDS carbs just to function properly so doing without any at all was an extreme example of how your body does need to get some carbs to function. This is a little twist I've created that allows you to EASILY reduce the WRONG kind of carbs WITHOUT counting calories and NEVER going hungry.

You see, you need more carbs on training days to help your muscles recover from your exercise. I know this is a very different way of looking at the food you eat and doesn't really follow the normal "low carb" pattern. Listen in for his incisive interviews with the all best and brightest voices in real food, Paleo, primal, low-carb, ketogenic diets with an occasional vegan or contrarian thrown in there for good measure. William Davis published what would go on to become a perennial New York Times bestselling book entitled Wheat Belly in 2011, his focus was on the metabolic effects of consuming wheat and other culprit carbohydrates and their relationship to rampant obesity and chronic disease.

Perlmutter discuss why nutritional solutions are the only thing to prevent dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, the fact that there is no drug or cure for many of the most common brain health issues, the heavy toll that carbohydrate consumption is having on the brain, why the brain prefers to run on ketones produced by a low-carb, high-fat diet, the incredible benefits of getting into a state of nutritional ketosis, and so much more!
But adding lots of MCT oil, while doing there best to reduce carbs (which they will do naturally) is a real possibility.

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