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Author: admin, 15.07.2015
It doesn't matter whether diet pills are purchased over the counter or if they're prescribed to you, they contain chemicals which aren't necessarily good for you. Many of the diet pills on the market today contain stimulants which not only can be addictive but can also pose serious health problems when they're used, especially when they're abused. You can also have panic or anxiety attacks taking diet pills and anyone who has ever experienced a panic attack will tell you, they're no fun and can be quite frightening. Some people misuse diet pills sometimes because they are hoping to speed up their weight loss.
It's not uncommon for people who are addicted to stimulant drugs like crystal meth or prescription painkillers to also abuse diet pills, especially if they're unable to obtain their drug of choice. There are several different types of stimulants that can be found in diet pills and weight loss medications.
Phentermine, Diethylpropion, and Ephedrine are stimulants that are found in some diet pills and can cause addiction if misused or abused. I understand why a lot of people feel the need to use diet pills when they're overweight but I personally don't feel taking medications or drugs is the way to do it. I would like to get help from this sick addiction from herion with the use of ibagain the government needs to give us addicts some hope instead of just making money from are problems some one please help !!!!!!

Diet pills that contain stimulants can increase your heart rate and your pulse as well as your respiration (breathing), they can also cause sleeplessness.
People who already have problems with anxiety, panic attacks, and hypertension should never take diet pills because many of them contain caffeine and stimulants and will make the symptoms much worse. Unless diet pills are taken as directed and not misused or taken for an extended period of time, you can get addicted to them and require professional help in order to stop using them. These medications are addictive and can also affect your heart, blood pressure, and even cause psychotic episodes when abused. Even though the amount of stimulant contained in diet pills are small, they still can increase your heart rate, cause nervousness or jitteriness and may cause you to have trouble sleeping. Remember there are also side effects associated with stimulant use besides the fact they they're addictive, can cause insomnia and increase your heart rate.
People don't realize how dangerous some stimulant medications can be especially if they're abused, and there are a lot of people taking diet pills and don't even realize they contain stimulants to begin with. Many people are taking over the counter diet pills, getting a prescription for weight loss medications, or taking other stimulant drugs to lose weight. The abuse or misuse of certain diet pills could lead to a heart attack which could be fatal.

They're not intentionally misusing them they just don't realize how harmful diet pills are when they're misused. Even though some diet pills contain stimulants to help curb appetites, increase energy levels and boost your metabolism, they can be addictive depending on the type of stimulant.
Crushing diet pills and snorting them is something some people do when they want to get high and they don't realize that this can lead to heart failure. No diet pill should be used for an extended period of time and should never be misused or abused.
Diet pills are even more dangerous to use if you already have high blood pressure or heart problems like Bubba Smith did.

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