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Fat Loss - Libido - Energy - hot flushes - Low T - palpitations - belly fat.If you are looking for a small weight loss, or if you have to work on a large. Parts of the body fat that usually they add excess fat (eg abdomen).A weight loss program without medical risk using HCG hormone treatment.
There are 500 calories per day diet not only eliminates body fat.The HCG diet is a doctor of the implementation of the program.
Injections which are commonly used for weight reduction are B12, HCG and liptropic injections. This is another kind of injection that is available these days which aids in the process of weight reduction.
The above mentioned are some of the injections that are available in the market that will help to reduce weight. Also each injection would have mild side effects which the person who is taking the shots should be aware of.
With our program we provide all medications needed for the HCG Diet Plans Phase 1 and Phase 2 at no additional charge. That means you can lose weight from your problem areas (bum, belly, thighs etc, etc.) while experiencing a reshaping of your body.
Another benefit of HCG is it helps correct your metabolism which in turn will help prevent you from gaining the weight back once you come off the diet. The food choices are very limited and specific in phase 2 and must be adhered to very strictly in order for the diet to be successful. Since you will no longer be taking the HCG medication but are increasing your caloric intake, we will continue to see you weekly and you will weigh yourself daily to assure your weight is stabilizing. To help make choosing the right foods easier during this transition period, simply log onto our EZDietPlannner & Fitness Tracker™ each day and choose from our dietician developed meal plans or simply use our online system to create your own meal plan and you're go to go! In Phase 4 you slowly begin to introduce starches and carbohydrates back into your daily diet as you transition into the Eat Smart, Stay Fit™ Plan designed for you.
At the end of your program, we will create a Body Focus 365™ Diet & Fitness Plan to meet your lifestyle and healthcare needs.

To help boost energy and burn fat, we offer our popular Slim Shot Injections (Lipotropic, B-12 injections) to all patients following our weight loss program. Hcg 1234 mark and use of the website for instructions, recipes and much more.The number of revolutions of the HCG diet plan should primarily through. I wanted to let you know just how delighted I am since finding you guys and starting on the HCG Diet. It was difficult in the first week but from there on in I never looked back and not only was I losing weight but I have never had so much energy and even if I say myself I feel and look radiant. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to tell everyone that is battling to lose weight how happy I am with the great results I've achieved. Well having tried just about every slimming plan and fad on the market I was very skeptical of the claims that HCG Diet system made. Hey you guys this HCG weight loss system is Simply The Best, yes better than all the rest!! I have been taking the HCG Diet injections and following the diet plan for 32 days now and the results have been nothing less than spectacular.
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This injection is nothing but a combination of vitamins, natural herbs and some minerals.This is a completely safe injection.
However when such injection shots are taken there would be a lot of conditions that one needs to follow.If one does not religiously follow what is prescribed desired result cannot be achieved.
It allows patients to lose FAT from around their problem areas, with many patients seeing results shortly after starting the program! And since your body will be utilizing those abnormal fat stores for fuel, you won’t feel tired, hungry or irritable while following the low calorie diet. Simply eat smart and follow a well-balanced diet each and every day and you'll avoid putting the weight you lost back on. Here you will take the prescribed HCG medication plus while following a 1,500 to 2,000 calorie diet.

This is so your body can use these fat reserves while you are on the low calorie diet found in the second phase of the program. A list of allowed foods is provided as well as recipes designed to accommodate the restrictions of the diet and are compliant with the protocol.
Since certain types of carbohydrates may affect your weight, they should be noted and avoided by using a food journal or our online EZDietPlanner & Fitness Tracker™. We also offer FDA approved appetite suppressants when indicated to assist you in achieving a healthy weight. With this online weight loss tool you can log your meals and daily activities, track changes in your weight and record your measurements online.
This hormone has the ability to reduce the excess fat that exists in the body.So the person who wants to reduce weight will be prescribed these injections along with a very low calorie diet. People who have had shots have B -12 have seen visible difference and say that they have reduced weight radically.
You will also want to begin planning your meals for phase 2 of the diet and purchasing the items needed for meal preparation. At the end the HCG cycle (21, 28 or 38 days), you will continue following the low calorie diet for an additional 3 days.
These shots not only reduce the weight they also have a lot of other benefits.One can see a visible reduction in the stress levels and improvement in the condition of the skin after taking these shots. When the liver functions well the fat can be broken down easily into smaller molecules and can be converted into energy.This is what happens when one takes a shot of this injection, their liver functions better which in turn burns all the fat and make them trim and healthy. This makes it obvious that these injections not only reduce weight but also improve the overall health of the person.

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