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Author: admin, 18.10.2015
Created by Neris Thomas and India Knight, Neris and India’s Idiot Proof Diet is a fabulous weight loss plan. Neris and India’s idiot proof diet plan is low carb, high fat and high protein diet program.
Despite trying all other weight loss programs, if you still have not been able to lose weight, you certainly can go ahead with this diet program. All those people who are victims of stress, depression and emotional eating can look forward to the diet plan as an effective tool to shed pounds.
Neris and India’s idiot proof diet plan will work on your body in three phases; let’s have a look at these three phases.
Neris Thomas and India knight themselves practiced low intensity exercises and maintained to obtain astounding results.
The diet plan will rapidly shed pounds from your body; rapid weight loss will give you powerful reason to abide by the diet program.

Holistic approach of diet program will not only rid you from weight problem, but will also provide you great emotional support. Should you face any trouble while moving along with the diet program, you can freely access free online support service provided by the diet plan. The diet program might sound appealing to women dieters, but it has disappointed male dieters because the diet plan has reflected only women related issues.
Dieters are likely to relish short term weight loss only because the diet program promises to offer rapid weight loss and therefore has eradicated numerous food items from the diet regime. Lose Belly Fat: Many of us have an extensive list of diet programs, fat loss supplements and gym time under the belt, however that body we deserve always seems out of.
Based on personal experience, the diet program is also eminent with name Fat Loss for Idiots.
Authors of diet program believe, life is the most precious gift of God, and we can admire it by living our life to the fullest.
These negative feelings are the mainly responsible for prompting binge and compulsive eating in them.

You will feel more poised while moving along with the diet plan because throughout the diet plan authors’ have shown their empathy with dieters. You have to strictly abide by healthy foods and completely sweep away caffeine and carb foods from your diet regime.
Frustrated with problem of obesity; both the authors designed their own diet plan and shed massive 140 pounds in a year. The diet solution is perfect fit for non-vegans because there are myriad animal foods recommended in the diet plan.

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