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Author: admin, 16.05.2013
If you followed my previous website, you’ll remember I talked a bit about my battle with an addiction to Diet Coke. I guess some people are simply not affected by the artificial sweetener, aspartame, that is in the majority of diet drinks. If you currently eat, drink, take or chew anything that is artificially sweetened I challenge you to eliminate these things from your diet for a week and take notice of the improvement in your quality of life.
I used to drink Diet Coke all the time, and realized I wasn’t losing any weight, or anything like that, and I had all the side affects you put on this post, I have stopped drinking them as well, and I feel a little better, but I still chew gum.

I dont drink diet coke but drink cola, and it doesnt “bother” me but i am cutting down, my problem is its my only sorce of caffeine as i dont drink coffee! The two main things I had to eliminate in my every day life were Diet Coke and chewing gum.
There are a gajillion articles online about the horrible effects this ingredient can have on your body, so I’ll let you do your own research. Diet Coke seems to have the highest concentration of it that I’ve experienced, quitting drinking this alone I saw a drastic improvement in my mood.

Every now and then I think I can have one Diet Coke and be fine, but 100% of the time I feel the effects. It’s so strange how something millions of people drink every day can effect me so greatly.

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