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Caries is caused bythe dissolution of the teeth by acid produced by themetabolism of dietary carbohydrates by oral bacteria.The 2 primary bacteria involved in caries formation aremutans streptococci and lactobacilli.
The diet provides sugars and other fermentablecarbohydrates, which are metabolized to acids byplaque bacteria (Figure 2). Sugars and other fermentablecarbohydrates, after being hydrolyzed by salivary amylase,provide substrate for the actions of oral bacteria, which in turnlower plaque and salivary pH.

The resultant low pH favorsthe growth of the acidogenic and aciduric bacteria(mutans streptococci). A caramel or jellybean may besticky, but its retentive properties are fairly low andthey are cleared from the oral cavity faster than areretentive foods such as cookies or chips .
In contrast, a diet lower inadded sugars and fermentable carbohydrates and highin calcium-rich cheese may favor remineralization.

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