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Author: admin, 28.12.2014
Weight Loss Success Stories - Heather Fearneyhough Lost Weight By Diet & Exercise #86509 on Wookmark Popular New Categories Surprise Videos Colors Help Groups are for organizing & collaboratingLog in to create groups for projects or interests and save some images to them. At this point my motivation is in auto pilot as the mental rewards of weight loss have kept me on track. On getting over a binge: - The best thing you can do when you are binging is to stop mid binge and put the food away. I sat at about 136lbs most of the time and had quite a few up and downs from dieting and then binging.
My skin was overly broken out, and I was in the worst state of mind that I’ve ever been in.
Now, I know that not everyone is an advocate of calorie counting and I completely understand that! I know starting isn’t as easy as it sounds and guaranteed you will be cranky and stressed out the first few days, you will probably even be mad at yourself but after the first week or two you will see small changes and then it all starts to become worth it.
I would be good during the day and at school, and then once I got home I would feel so insecure and just eat like crazy.

Once I feel like I am at a good place with my body, I will play around with calories and see at what range my body will maintain.
If I didn’t lose fast enough I would get discouraged and just get into the “well what’s the point” mindset. I missed so many days of school for the sole reason that I didn’t want to get dressed and feel uncomfortable. I am on my way to changing up my routine and getting at least two strength training days in there considering that I’m getting close to my goal. When I graduated I was 139lbs (about). Once I went into college it was easier for me to stick to calorie counting, I lost quite a bit of weight but then gained it back and more from out of control binging.
I decided that I needed to get into the right state of mind and learn to get myself on track, healthily. I did Atkins, the cabbage soup diet, weight loss pills (I only did this for about 3 days and realized how idiotic I was being), and calorie counting. Technically yes, you could eat whatever you please within your calorie range and still lose weight.

I wasn’t working out much but I was eating within a 1200 calorie range and was filling those calories with healthy foods. The downfall to that is that you won’t feel good, it won’t provide you with proper nutrition, and you will find a lack of energy.
You truly have to find what works for you and what makes you feel good while also pushing you. So it has been really nice and a good learning process to realize that if I want to eat something yummy that I don’t need a ton of it.

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