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Apart from these type 2 diabetes symptoms, in order to diagnose the condition, the doctor will have to do some blood tests. The major danger with diabetes is not the disease itself, but the complications that can arise if insulin levels are not maintained at a constant level.Untreated diabetes can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).
This condition is a combination of very high blood sugar levels (but without the presence of ketones) and dehydration.It's more common in older people with type 2 diabetes who are taking steroid medications. So take control of your life now!Click on NEXT to read about the Diet for Type 2 Diabetes of go back to the Treatment of Diabetes main page to select another article.

The differences depend on how advanced type 2 diabetes is, whether the pancreas is still producing insulin or has stopped doing so. So more insulin is produced, more sugar is turned into fat, hence the weight gain.Weight loss without dieting - This happens when the pancreas stops producing insulin (either in type 1 diabetes or later stages of type 2). If your values are above the normal limit but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes, your doctor will diagnose you with pre-diabetes, which normally develops into diabetes.
Symptoms include confusion, tiredness and coma.Hyperosmolar syndrome can sometimes be the first indication of diabetes in older adults.

It usually exists in people who are diagnosed with diabetes a decade or so later.This is how it happens.

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