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Author: admin, 29.01.2014
I try not to do these mixes very often and try to limit them to once a day because I don’t like the artificial ingredients in them, but they are still a good way to increase your water intake.
Freeze berries and other chunks of fruit in ice cubes and plop them in your water for a refreshing treat. There’s just something about berries in your water that make it more enticing to drink.

I squeeze it into my bottled water & can drink 3 or 4 where plain water I might get through a whole bottle in a day.
One thing I already started doing is increase my water intake to 100oz per day, which helps me feel fuller and eat less. Plus, sometimes I just eat out of boredom and I’m trying to train my brain to drink water instead.

Of course, 100oz of plain water a day gets old pretty quickly so I’ve come up with a few ways to help me get my water in.

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