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Author: admin, 04.12.2014
This powerful self-hypnosis CD is a form of deep meditation, visualisation and guided relaxation that is safe and easy to calm and relax your mind and body without the need for dangerous sleeping pills etc. Buy this CD and give yourself the gift of a lifetime…sound and refreshing sleep - Every Night! This is a brand new relaxing sleep hypnosis CD that you can use at home to SLEEP SOUNDLY - AND WAKE UP REFRESHED! The more you use Hypnosis to change, the quicker subsequent results from further sessions will occur.

Subliminal suggestions for deep relaxation and positive change will be received by your subconscious, increasing your level of energy, helping you stay dedicated to working out, and improving your self-confidence. It is true that some lucky people find it easier to access a deeper level of hypnosis than others, however, the deepest levels of therapeutic trance are only necessary for drugless pain control or childbirth.
The CD contain hypnotic music during the whole process to put the concious mind to sleep and access the subconcious mind. Also, after the session, the background sounds continue for another 15 relaxing minutes to help you get into a truly deep and relaxed sleep.

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