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Author: admin, 04.09.2013
The big issue that comes up when making pork cracklings in the USA is that it is difficult to find unsliced cured bacon (slanina). Keep stirring on medium to low heat until enough lard is rendered and the cracklings halve in size. And in Slovakia these savoury cakes are called Skvarkove pagace or Pagatche (possibly the closest English transcription of the word), which would loosely translate as Pork Cracklings cakes.
If beef tongue is something of a monstrosity, then pork tongue is the smaller, subtler of the two. Finally, if you're hesitant to pay the steeper prices for duck fat, consider rendering your own lard from fatty strips of pork (above).

The taste comes from pork cracklings (oskvarky in Slovak, skvarky in Czech, but I grew up calling them the latter) and the rendered lard (mast) that is mixed in before serving. On the scale of 1-10, I started off with 4 for thirty minutes, and then went to 7 for five minutes. The rendered lard (mast) without the bacon bits also makes for a delicious substitute for butter. After it was cooked, she squeezed more fat out of oskvarky to get more lard out(she had special kitchen utensil for it, she also squeezed potatoes for lokse with it). Hence I got really excited few weeks ago when I found, completely accidentally, that my local Giant supermarket carries slices of cured pork back rind.

Lard was used for cooking and oskvarky were used for making spread(ground in meat grinder with onions, adding ground pepper) or for oskvarkove pagace.Those were so delicious with cup of hot tea.

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