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Author: admin, 10.08.2015
Book Review: The ORIGINAL Coconut Oil Handbook: Nature's Remedy for Weight Loss, Allergies & Overall Health -Benefits, Uses, Recipes + More!
Shae Harper about her book: The coconut oil handbook is all about the benefits and uses of this wonderful healing elixir! It’s proven that Coconut oil lowers cholesterol, improves digestion and heals various dermatological diseases. It is much healthier than other oils because it contains a special type of fatty acids that are easily and quickly digested.
It can also be consumed by personal will, daily may be taken 2-3 teaspoons of the oil itself.

In this book you will find out why coconut oil is such a wonderful oil for your health, some of the health problems it can help with is allergies, weight issues, skin issues, hair issues and many more things, there is a complete section on health issues from A to Z and how coconut oil can benefit these issues and what to do to help them with coconut oil.
It is also good for weight loss so people who have excess weight can reduce their weight by regularly taking these remedies.
This oil is mainly used for cosmetic purposes as the ideal high quality preparation mainly for the hair care, but also and for the skin.
Mixed with baking powder, coconut oil makes a fantastic teeth whitener without breaking the bank. This book also contains lots of recipes for hair and skin care using coconut oil as well as lots of yummy food recipes.

With it’s extremely valuable compounds lauric and caprylic acid, this oil provides superior effects whether used in cosmetics or is consumed within meals.

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