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Author: admin, 02.01.2015
Not only are Chia seeds packed with omega fatty acids, protein, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber, but can also easily be considered one of the most versatile of all superfoods out there! The seeds magically transform themselves in the presence of liquid, creating a nutrient-rich gel that can stand alone as a delicious pudding, or enhance many of your favorite dishes, both savory and sweet.
Here are a few creative and simple ways that you can introduce cha-cha-cha chia into your diet today! When chia seeds are added to almond milk, the seeds absorb the milk, creating a silky-smooth cereal reminiscent of a nutrient-dense raw rice pudding. Simply combine the chia seeds and the almond milk in a bowl and let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Tips: If you use very cold almond milk, you may need to allow more time for the seeds to absorb it; just be patient! Add up to 1 teaspoon of chia seeds to 8 ounces of water or to your favorite electrolyte drink for promoted hydration. Chia can be used as a vegan, allergen- and cholesterol-free egg replacement in most recipes.

Just combine the water and chia, and as soon as it forms a quick gel, it is ready to be used.
Add the chia seeds or powder while blending, or add the chia seeds in after for added thickness and texture.
We hope you enjoy giving these recipes a try & will leave a comment about what you find!
Stay tuned…my next article to be published is just what you are looking for… a food profile article on the superfood qualities of these magical seeds!
Something not mentioned–you DEFINITELY want to chase a full serving of chia seeds with plenty of liquid to avoid stomach cramping and optimize hydration.
The Chai tea beautifully flavored the Chia; it could be a very sophisticated dessert, and even top pure vanilla ice cream. Recently I read an interesting recipe about how to prepare raw hemp and chia seeds bar – a healthy and nutrient-dense snack with chia seeds, hemp seeds, oats and half a doezn other helathy ingredients like flax seeds, nut butter, coconut oil, almonds, etc. First ground the flax seeds into coffee grinder and almonds – in blender or other suitable food processor to get them into small pieces.

Once it’s ready you can cut it into even size bars (the recipe allows to be cut in either 12 or 16 bars).
Refrigerating is of great importance for this recipe, otherwise the bars will get soft and lose shape if you leave them at room temperature for too long.
Caloric intake per 1 bar of raw hemp and chia seeds bars can vary between 300 to 400 calories, depending on how many even size pieces you’ve cut the frozen mixture – 16 or 12.
A single raw hemp and chia seeds bar is high in quality and nutrient density, which means this small bar will nourish you body with high quality nutrients unlike other unhleathy foods with empty calories, that make you gain weight.

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