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Author: admin, 25.10.2015
To prepare chia seeds for eating, just soak 1 tablespoon of seeds in 1 cup of water (or natural fruit juice) for 15 minutes and watch these little grey seeds bloom into small bulbous gelatin balls, which forms somewhat of a “goop.” The ground seeds make a similar consistency.
Chia seeds have a fantastic nutritional profile but can be a bit undesirable because of the dull, grey tint. They are a good source of  Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be good for our cardiovascular and nervous systems.

And, yes, you guessed it, these are the seeds from the famous Chia Pet.  They’re very much in vogue at the moment because of their nutritional density and benefits. The first time I had chia seeds was about three years ago at a very hip, raw foods restaurant in Boston, where I ate Brazilian nut chia pudding.

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