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Author: admin, 31.03.2013
I wrote a guest post a few months back on Eyes on the Dollar about how to have a cheap European holiday, for more general information about flights and hotels, you can head there. One site to check is 2 for 1 London that offers… yes, you guessed right, half price tickets to major London attractions if you get there by train. Pub food is usually inexpensive if you go for the lunch specials, or you can check Money Saving Experts for a list of chain restaurants who have special offers.

Eating on the markets is also a good option, Borough Market in London is incredible to visit, and they have several food stalls serving seafood, hot sandwiches or ready meals. Outside the capital, try the fish and chips shops, or the multitude of Indian and Chinese buffets for a cheap filling meal.
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But a warning – London is by far the largest city in the EU (second only to Istanbul in Europe) and this means that some things take quite a long time to get to and there can be crowds.

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