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Author: admin, 14.12.2013
I have never been one to enjoy cooking or trying new recipes, but over the past year I have made it a top priority to plan meals and cook at least five times per weeks.
Planning meals and cooking for two never seems as easy as it should, so I thought I would document a week’s worth of dinners to help anyone else looking for meal ideas that are cheap, easy and somewhat healthy (mind you, cooking usually means healthy for us because at least we are controlling the ingredients). I actually start planning our meals on Wednesday and plan through the following Tuesday night (because I go grocery shopping on Wednesdays… it is less crowded and every other Wednesday is pay day for me).
Posted by Rachel 29 Comments Filed Under: Food, Lifestyle Tagged: a week of dinner ideas for two, a week of dinners for two, a week of easy healthy dinner, affordable dinner ideas, cheap dinner ideas, cheap dinners, cheap easy dinner ideas, dinner ideas, food, healthy dinner ideas, seven dinner ideas, what to eat for dinnerMake sure to follow along! All these dinners look super yummy doll, I love easy, but great tasting dinners & so do my girls.The shrimp stir fry looks great, might have to try that!
Honestly, if it was just me, I would probably do the same, but my boyfriend is very picky And gets sick of stuff fast, so we have an ongoing list of recipes we both like and kind of switch those out every week! I need to get back into weekly meal planning, it always worked out so much better than trying to come up with things on the fly and we had more well rounded meals! Now that our kids are in soccer 4 days a week, I definitely have to plan meals ahead of time! I spent $90 at the grocery store that week (including things for breakfast, lunch and household items), so I felt great about that as I try to stay under $100 for the two of us.

I just wanted to try something new, like I said, I feel like I can never just find a list of dinner ideas for two, so wanted to share this. I’m always looking for new recipes to try since it can get boring to eat the same things, Thanks for the recipes! 5 is usually tops for us (we usually go out once on the weekends and once in the week, just to give us a break with the other things we have going on)!
I'm Rachel, and this is my personal style blog where I share my passion for fashion and life! I also put on a little cheese, lettuce, verde salsa, hot sauce and top with a dab of sour cream.
I washed the salad mix, adding a little bit of shredded cheese and tossed it in ranch (a VERY small amount).
This is a very simple look into how I meal plan, and doesn’t show our choices for breakfast or lunch. Once the chicken was done, we placed it on top of the spaghetti, added the sauce and topped with Parmesan and placed it back in the oven for just a couple minutes to melt the cheese and make sure all the ingredients were warm! This might not be the healthiest meal ever, but you are getting your greens and it is SO easy.

I go through spurts where we do really great and stay within budget, and then other weeks it’s like a free for all!
Cooking for two is hard, harder than it should be I feel, so I choose things that TASTE good and try to add veggies as a side or do a lighter version of the recipe. I shop, I check in at Checkout51 to see what the deals are that week, and if I purchased something on the list, I take a photo of my receipt and upload it.
Of course, like couponing, you can see the deals that week and specifically buy those items to get money back. AND if you find a coupon for a certain item, you can still use that coupon and UPLOAD your receipt here.

Easy to cook dinners for two
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