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There was usually a baking oven in the wall on one side of the fireplace, with a small flue to the chimney, called a beehive oven because of its domed shape. There was usually a crane or trammel to which a cast iron pot (or pots) was attached by a hook. Heating it involved building a fire on the brick floor and, when the floor and sides were heated to the correct temperature, the fire was shoveled out and the items to be baked placed, using a peel, on the floor of the oven, avoiding the excessively hot spots.

There were other kinds of cookware in use like Dutch ovens, small three-sided ovens using reflected heat for baking biscuits, for example, as well as ingenious roasting devices including spits, and even toasters and waffle irons, several of which can be seen in the illustration.
When they were finished other dishes and casseroles that cooked at lower temperatures could be added as the oven cooled. The original slow cooker - versions of this very cast iron oven - have been a kitchen staple in American homes for more than two centuries.

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