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Author: admin, 14.04.2014
This moist, sweet, and slightly spicy pumpkin bread recipe will get you in the mood for pumpkin patches and hay rides! This sugar-free pumpkin bread tastes so much like the real deal that it’ll blow your mind!
Place cut squares of parchment in bottoms of pans, and sift oat flour over bottom and sides of pans to prevent sticking.
Oat flour shouldn’t impact your blood sugar levels to the same extent as arrowroot since it contains fewer carbohydrates, gram per gram, than refined starches.

If you can’t have any sugar at all, this Pumpkin Bread is still delish without the added chocolate!
Using nut butter in place of almond flour will give your pumpkin bread a lovely, fine crumb.
I prefer to use oat flour over pure starches like arrowroot and tapioca because of how it improves the taste and texture of sugar-free baked goods. Add chocolate chips for extra decadence, or fill muffin cups and dollop with a cream cheese filling for a breakfast fit for any pumpkin lovers in the house!

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