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Author: admin, 16.05.2013
Participants eating the low-fat and Mediterranean diets were asked to restrict calories (1,500 and 1,800 calories per day for women and men, respectively). However, it is perhaps worth pointing out that at the start of the study, more than three-quarters of the diabetics in the low-carb group were on medication for their diabetes, compared to 50 and 47 percent of diabetics in the low-fat and Mediterranean diet groups, respectively. This study adds to the body of evidence that suggests that lower carb and carb-controlled eating has distinct merit and generally has the capacity to out-perform low-fat diets in the weight-loss stakes (and without any conscious restriction of food intake, either).

Robert Atkins) have argued that it’s carbohydrate that makes us fat, so we should be reigning in our consumption of such foods. The thing is as soon as I eat carbs weight goes back on but give it a day or two and its back off.
I find this result somewhat surprising, since there is quite a lot of evidence now that shows carbohydrate restriction can be effective for helping to control blood sugar levels in diabetes.

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