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Author: admin, 19.11.2015
I forget which rabbit hole I jumped into but I somehow landed on a cabbage soup diet recipe online a couple of days ago.
For my first batch of cabbage soup, I pretty much followed the recipe above minus the onion soup mix and V8. Fun Food Fact: A cup of raw cabbage only has 15 calories which makes it an ideal diet food. Although being on a diet while maintaining a food blog is the height of tragedy, it seemed like a good idea because I just got back from Beijing where I downed dumplings and duck with abandon.
My mom uses it to flavor her soups and a host of other Korean dishes and I’ve never felt that greasy finish in her food before. The V8 makes for a thicker consistency which, I guess, is good news for me and the beef Dashida lends a much cleaner finish to the soup.

I have tried the diet, and it is not a good idea if you are not going to lock yourself at home for the time you are doing the diet.
I managed to eat around the onions, the cabbage, and the stewed tomatoes (which have the exact same consistency of snot), sipping broth and eating the carrots and celery and adhering to the strict rules of the cabbage soup diet. After things were over and I settled into my new life, single for the first time since high school and able to make my own choices and face my own consequences, I stopped caring about diets.
I am very cross because this morning, while walking home with more fresh vegetables for my soup, I saw that a new branch of Bread Talk is opening very near me. But instead I celebrated with unsweetened tea and an even bigger bowl of despair cabbage soup. By this time, the soup- which was bland and tasteless to begin with – failed to even register a reading on my taste buds and I think I accidentally ate the onions, which I’m still ashamed of to this day.

This is no way to live.) But, because I used to be pretty damn spineless, I did what I was told and stayed on the diet.
This not only brings out the vegetables’ natural sugars which this soup needs because of the acidity of the tomatoes, it will also deepen the flavor of my soup. Pretty gross not to mention counterintuitive since the point of this diet is to get rid of the grease that squats in my body.

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