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Author: admin, 26.03.2013
A 450-calorie breakfast drink made with two cups of coffee, two tablespoons of butter and coconut extract is a key component of the Bulletproof Diet. CELEBRITY EDGE: Some will bestow Asprey with star status just for inventing Bulletproof Coffee.
CLAIM:The Bulletproof Diet, which recommends that 50 to 70 per cent of your calories come from fat, promises many things. PROGRAM: This is a high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that promotes, among other things, whole foods, grass-fed butter, vitamin supplements and intermittent fasting.
ALLOWED (Two-week protocol): Bulletproof Coffee, grass-fed, pastured meats, wild-caught seafood, pastured eggs, butter from grass-fed cows, ghee, coconut, avocados, most non-starchy vegetables, pumpkin, carrot, sweet potato and some kinds of squash, white rice, berries, and hardwood xylitol (a sweetener produced from a sugar alcohol found in plants). Asprey pushes a diet high in fats and saturated fats, recommending that up to 70 per cent of your daily calories derive from high-fat foods, such as butter, full-fat dairy and meat. Weaver is also concerned by the book’s first-person testimonials that claim the Bulletproof Diet can cure diseases, such as asthma and multiple sclerosis. I have been telling patients for the last couple of years how I use butter in my coffee, instead of milk. On Friday, we scrutinize JJ Virgin’s Sugar Impact Diet, which guarantees a 10-pound weight loss in two (easy!) weeks. Followers can expect up to a pound-a-day weight loss, increased energy and mental focus, the ability to build lean muscle while exercising less, a shorter but better quality night’s sleep and even a boost in fertility.

After enjoying the energy boost from butter tea, when he got back home from his travels, he tested butter in coffee. From there, he refined the process further by: adding a refined coconut oil called, MCT oil or medium chain triglyceride oil, into the coffee. He then went investigating about what are the coffee farming and roasting methods that make the best coffee beans.Dave shares research on how a large amount of commercial coffee might have undesirable levels of mycotoxins. This is when he was looking at the different coffee processing methods, for example, natural pulped & wet processed. Using a water filter helps improve the taste of coffee.Boil the water to about 91°C (195-196°F). The Bonavita variable temperature digital electric kettle is what I use.Measure the coffee and water. Use a digital kitchen scale to measure 35 grams of freshly ground coffee beans per 500 ml of water (2 rounded tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 oz. Next add 1-2 tablespoons of Brain Octane Oil or Upgraded™ MCT oil (15-30 ml)Brew your coffee. The French Press method which is a boiled coffee method & is the preferred brewing technique.
Other ways to make it are using an Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with a stainless steel filter, stove top espresso or pourover coffee like a Hario V60.Blend it all together.

I had been reading how children with epilepsy, on a high fat diet (ketogenic diet) had lower risk of seizures, and how Alzheimer patients could benefit from coconut oil.
Since I was a teenager, I have been on a low fat diet, just because I thought it was bad for you. Seeing a yellow layer of melted butter fat floating on top of my coffee was not visually appealing at all. I then mixed in normal virgin coconut oil to get an even thicker oil slick on top of my coffee.
I noticed how I stopped experiencing any possible post-coffee jittersI stopped using sugar in my coffee.
My body weight came down slowly and then my waist circumference started getting smallerI felt good. Saying that, I was feeling the heaviest I had ever been and not because I had been doing weights at gym.Over a 8-month period, I went from 94kg to 79kg. I feel after listening from episode 1 of his many Bulletproof Radio podcasts, watching him on Creative Live TV for 3 days, buying his Upgraded™ Self products and trying them on myself that what Dave says, has merit.

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