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You might be pleased to find out that getting proper Vitamin D and balancing your pH will impact your health in ways you never imagined such as minimizing arthritis, decreasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.This from Dr.
If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain. Omega-6 fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function as well as normal growth and development.

It contains 18 amino acids, 8 essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, and is high in vitamin C and beta-carotene. Moreover, your gut literally serves as your second brain, and even produces more of the neurotransmitter serotonin—known to have a beneficial influence on your mood—than your brain does, so maintaining a healthy gut will benefit your mind as well as your body.Fermented foods are also some of the best chelators and detox agents available, meaning they can help rid your body of a wide variety of toxins, including heavy metals.

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