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Author: admin, 13.05.2015
As a mom of two I can say that Heather Haynes with All Star Fitness Boot Camp was the motivating factor behind my weight loss & personal goals. If you're struggling to lose weight or even find the motivation to start exercising, All Star Fitness Boot Camp is perfect for you.
Choosing All Star Fitness Boot Camp is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.
When I started boot camp I was overweight and suffered from pain in my feet (Plantar Fasciitis), knees and hips. I have been a boot camper for quite awhile now but something finally clicked in my head and in the last 4 months I have lost 23.25 inches over all and just about 30 pounds.
I have been to other boot-camps and never followed through because I just felt like I was lost in the mix.

With boot campers at different levels of fitness, Heather makes sure that everyone's goals and needs are met. After my first month with All Star Fitness Boot Camp I noticed that my body was changing dramatically.
But having Heather as your trainer sure does make the road to fitness a lot easier and more enjoyable.
My mom had been working out a boot camp in Corona and told me she would sign me up with her to help me lose the weight.
But with the help of Heather Haynes – the boot camp instructor and the encouragement from my mom and all the other boot campers that worked out along side me, I did it. All Star Fitness Boot Camp also gave me the conditioning I needed to get me through the basic training and graduate.

Without the help of Heather and All Star Boot Camp I would not have been able to pass the PT test in the 9 weeks of training given. Thank you Heather and All Star Fitness Boot Camp for helping me lose the weight I needed to reach my goal.

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