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Author: admin, 12.06.2015
QI Properties Asset Management (QIPAM) is a UK based investment company that provides clients with quality residential stock throughout the UK. As part of this process, we were asked to re-design their website as their previous online presence was visibly dated and neither showcased their properties in the best possible light, nor accurately conveyed their range of skills. Naturally, Google want their searchers to have the best experience possible when using mobile devices. We've also re-organised our office and offered new staff perks, resulting in a fantastic creative working environment, which has seen us produce some of our best design and digital work so far.

Since launching almost three years ago, they have been making waves in the industry with their attention to detail and high quality approach to the design, marketing and management of the properties in their care. Wide main images help to set the scene while additional imagery is used heavily around the website to show off Ribeye's boats in the best possible way and guide visitors to other areas of the site. Returning searches with high quality and relevant content, websites that are easy to read (no pinching and zooming!) without horizontal scrolling is a high priority of theirs.
We're working on some very exciting, top secret plans for our 9th year while continuing to produce the best possible design and digital work for our clients.

From setting up new Twitter accounts and providing information on how to use social networks, to discussing best ways to track on-site conversion or how to integrate Social Media in an overall Online Marketing campaign - we've had a blast meeting and helping some of the other BMF South West members during the drop-in Social Media workshop. There is also a helpful search tool to allow site visitors to find the best RIB for their requirements.

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