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Author: admin, 25.10.2015
By James Hundson (guest contributor) If your friends and colleagues have told you that you’ve put on a lot of weight and are out of shape, you might be planning to follow a diet or go to the gym. 4- As you lose weight, you will need to redo steps 1-2 because your weight has gone down, so your amount of needed calories will decrease as well. Put your dinner on smaller plates so it will look like more food, and when you finish put your plate away so you are not tempted for seconds. Allot an hour on your weekly diet plan everyday to exercise for fast weight improvements in your body. You must always remember that you’re doing this in order to make you feel better and healthier. If you are losing more than 2 lbs per week, you are probably losing muscle tissue and therefore actually slowing down your metabolism, not helping it.

So take your total calories needed every week and subtract 3500 from it (7000 if you want to lose 2 lbs).
Your weekly diet plan should include a day for you to indulge on the foods that you want to eat.
You should know that sudden change in your dietary intakes might confuse your body or lead to any vitamin or mineral deficiency. Choose calorie rotation diet instead so that you won’t feel deprived or conscious every time you eat. That is why it is also best that you have your dietician to help you with your weekly diet plan. It helps best if you follow a seven-day diet plan that details every food that you should eat.

My wedding is in about 6 months and I would like to lose a little weight, not only to look better, but also for my health.
This diet takes all the preservatives out of your diet so you do have to cook but the food is good and you never get hungry. Also, this will keep your body from plateauing by guessing on which type of meals you plan to eat.2. It will help you more if your diet is not only healthy but is also delicious, easy, and quick to prepare.

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