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Author: admin, 31.08.2013
To start juicing is always the most difficult part because firstly, you are not sure how to start, which juicer to buy, what recipes to follow and you aren’t sure whether you will be able to do it regularly or not. It helps to lower your cholesterol, to achieve your required nutrients, to lose weight and improve overall health but still many of us lack the motivation to start juicing.
As with any new thing, beginning is the only difficult part because juicing will make extraordinary changes in your body and you will crave for all those vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Depending on the recipes you are following, you may like to add at least 20% of fruits in your juice especially in the beginning because fruits make juice very tasty.

To start with, there are centrifugal juicers which are good for beginners but they waste a lot of fruits and vegetable as a pulp and they don’t juice most of green vegetables and sprouts like wheat-grass. Make a list before going to grocery store or farmer’s market and try to get Organic produce as much as possible.
If you have to store it, store in an air-tight glass container in a dark and cool environment. Conventional produce has lot of pesticides and insecticides sprayed all over it and it also lacks high amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

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