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As with many other vets across the world, Billinghurst noticed that dogs were developing the same type of diseases and medical problems as humans and he saw fit to look into the causes of this and this search led him directly to the diet, the foundation of any living being. The theory behind a BARF diet is that since the dog evolved from its ancestor, the wolf, for hundreds of thousands of years their diet consisted of raw food, bones and scraps. Ian Billinghurst believed that we have so completely domesticated our dogs that we have forgotten that their nutritional needs are very different from our own. A BARF diet is designed to meet the nutritional needs of your dog and for the animal to eat as it has done for millennia. Here at K9Obedience we fully recommend a BARF diet for all dogs, and we are in full use of this diet for all our dogs. This diet is full of oils and proteins which naturally occur in the natural organisms which our dogs eat, and this keeps coat, body and mind in a healthy and show-winning state.
What they do however have is a VERY healthy constitution and a glow which we feel can only be seen in a dog fed a natural and raw diet which is easy for their system to digest and is full of strength and nutritional value. If the title of this article caused you to look twice because the idea of a commercially produced raw food diet is something that you have never come across before, this is entirely understandable! You can read more about the pros and cons of feeding such a diet, and some of the factors to consider as part of doing so, within this article. Understandably, many pet food manufacturers and suppliers of ingredients for pet foods have identified the continually rising interest in the raw food diet for dogs, and today, several companies have either diversified or set up to serve the market. Such offerings can sometimes be bought in store from larger pet shops, ordered in for you to collect, or ordered online for delivery to your home in the same way that your frozen supermarket shopping can be arranged!

As mentioned, there is no common consensus as to whether or not a raw food diet is definitely beneficial to dogs, or provides any advantages over the traditional canned and packaged commercial diets.
The recent advent of frozen raw food diets that cut out the hard work for you has gone a long way towards reviving interest in raw food for dogs once again, and has made feeding a raw food diet viable for a lot more dog owners who may otherwise have decided against it.
Actually finding a supplier for frozen raw dog food is not much of a challenge, but deciding which one is right for you, and which one you can trust to have properly taken care of all of the relevant nutritional requirements of your dog is another issue entirely! Only defrost as much at a time as you need to for your dog’s next meal or two, and remember that when preparing and serving it, you will be handling raw meat, so take care to ensure good hygiene protocols when it comes to cross-contamination and hand washing. Pre-packaged frozen raw food can make life a lot easier for the dog owner who wishes to feed a raw diet, but it still requires a little more care and precautionary measures to be taken than canned or dry food offerings. Keep an eye on the expiration dates and usage guidelines for the food, and ensure that you rotate the products in your freezer so that those with the longest expiration dates are used last. SmartBarf is a great supplement adding all the nutrients that is essential into any dogs diet.
SmartBarf is easy to use, you just take your dogs weight (kg) and this is the value in grams of SmartBarf your dog needs per meal.
A WOMAN who became famous for being Barbie’s best doppelganger is about to hit the big screen. Consisting of large chunky bite-sized pieces of raw meat and offal in four delicious varieties, Beef, Tripe, Liver and Heart these tasty treats give larger dogs something to get their teeth into. Commercial dog food in whatever form lacks the proper enzymes, proteins, fibre and other dietary necessities to keep the companion dog fit and healthy.

My dogs shown in the pictures on this page live amongst two young children, and many other pets including lambs, chickens, ferrets, rabbits, kittens and other dogs. Whilst feeding a raw food diet to dogs is still something that widely polarises the opinions of canine experts from vets to nutritionists to researchers, there is no doubt that the BARF (biologically appropriate raw foods) diet, raw meaty bones diet, and all of the various other monikers that feeding a natural, raw diet comes under is something that is growing in popularity among dog owners every year. Feeding a raw food diet can be expensive and time consuming, and it is not without risks when it comes to ensuring that you meet all of your dog’s nutritional requirements, and also, prepare, store and serve raw meats and meat by-products safely.
To Prepare add water to preffered consitency once this is done put in microwave for around 3 minutes then add to mince. For a junior dog feed 10% of body weight with 60% meat, 20% carbohydrate and 20% fruit and vegetables. They see no connection between the two, their food is delivered at feeding time and their playmates are delivered at play time, they have no bloodthirsty desire to kill things for food, just as other dogs have no desire to hunt for a tin-opener to open a can of commercial dog food when fed a commercial diet!
This is drastically reduced in most dogs when fed a natural BARF diet, which just goes to show what their intestines think of both raw food and commercial food!

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