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Author: admin, 06.05.2014
A healthy and delicious snack recipe, these Baked Banana Chips have a delicious caramel-like flavor that and is a great low Points sweet tooth satisfier.
Lay banana slices flat on baking sheet, and bake for about an hour, flipping over slices about half way through.
I put the recipe into WW expecting it to come out 0, but it actually is 7 points for 2 bananas.

I also tracked all three of the clementines I ate together as a recipe just to see what it would do and it says 6 points! But typical banana chips are fried and pretty caloric, thus high in Weight Watchers Points.
So, I decided to try baking them, and I was very pleased at how YUMMY they were – and they were so much better than the fried banana chips!

Granted, the texture was more chewy than crunchy, but slow baking the banana chips allowed them to caramelize which made them taste like they were glazed with caramel.

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