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Author: admin, 12.04.2014
Some geniuses at questionable companies thought it’d be sound idea to part from the standard soda flavors and experiment a little. I also use bacon scented perfume, body wash , shampoo and conditioner, makes my hair so soft. We both ordered Turkey Bacon Ranch Subs, which were fantastic, but when we went to get drinks I noticed that they had one of those Coke soda machines with over 100 flavor options.

My boyfriend kept it safe and just got a Vault while I, a Pepsi girl at heart, decided to try a Raspberry Diet Coke. The initial taste was a little funky, like diet coke and that medicine you got when you were a kid. Starting April 21, Americans in Los Angeles will be able to be the first to try Coca-Cola with Bacon and Diet Coke with Bacon.The Coca-Cola team did not have to look far for inspiration.

The Coca-Cola company is now looking for the perfect spot to launch the New Diet Coke with Bacon extension.

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