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Author: admin, 26.11.2015
So when we stumbled upon a super convenient, healthy Brisbane food delivery service that is gluten-free, organic, dairy-free, and most importantly, delicious, we were beside ourselves with #fitspo joy. Convenience-lovers of Brisbane, meet Wholesomeness: your nifty clean-eating, paleo-inspired saviour taking the guesswork out of being a fresh-food loving health nut.
Wholesomeness may be a great health café in Grange but their true beauty shines through in their easy-to-use online delivery service.

Basically, Wholesomeness is your Brisbane food delivery beacon of hope for healthy convenience and home-style goodness sitting right in your fridge. Because they are busy, healthy-eating bees, the Wholesomeness crew wasn’t satisfied with just bringing amazing nosh to your door, and taste buds, they also want to cater your par-tay.
A grammar fan and foodie, Desta's obsessed with exploring Brisbane's coolest nooks and crannies, and can be found tippling and tasting her way 'round the city most weekends.

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