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For almond flour milled with the brown skin still attached, try Honeyville Natural Almond Flour.
Uses: Substitute Blanched Almond Flour in any recipe calling for flour to make healthy gluten-free baked goods and more. Visit our blog In the Kitchen with Honeyville to find delicious recipes for Blanched Almond Flour and more! This almond flour is consistently perfect, but I have to keep going back and forth amongst three or four different sources of almond flour because of all the price increases. I might try to use coconut flour more, as ounce to ounce it is much less expensive, plus you need much less for baking. Pancakes made with this are fine, but if you are planning on baking with it, add in a little buckwheat flour or some other flour that will make it stick together; otherwise cake, muffins, etc. Fifth, I fill my food processor up with the almonds, put the top on to seal the food processor, and press the “on” button. Hi Mariel, I have a nearby grocery outlet that has a lot of gluten-free and natural items including almond flour. Whether you use our blanched or natural almond flour, you and your family will love it for its subtle nutty flavor and how it turns any gluten-free recipe into a new family favorite.

The flat rate shipping and the fact that I also buy honey in bulk from this site are the only reasons I ever purchase almond flour here anymore. Ziploc bags are way stronger than the store’s plastic bag, this helps me avoid a broken bag and a kitchen floor full of almonds, they also keep the nuts fresher. You’ve now saved your family tons of money and successfully made homemade almond flour.  Feel free to let loose and get creative with your almond flour based treats…no more worrying about that nice, moist Paleo loaf of bread costing you an arm and a leg. You can buy your almonds in bulk to make your own here & not worry about the cross-contamination in those bulk-bins at the store. I’ve tried this several times in a food processor and two different blenders, and no matter how long I stand there pushing the pulse button, only about half of the almonds become flour. If you let the food processor run a bit longer than say 20 seconds, you will no longer get almond flour…you will start seeing your almonds convert to butter. Ok, so when I make almond flour from using 1 lb of slivered almonds, I usually get 1 lb of almond flour back.
I personally prefer to use blanched slivered almonds since the flour turns out a bit finer. So basically, you’re paying $11 just for the flour of 8 waffles…when you add the rest of the ingredients you need to make your waffles with, you find yourself paying as much as you would if you went out to eat breakfast at a 5-star restaurant and took your hubby and two kids along with you.

And honestly, for almond butter I recommend you use whole almonds instead of slivered ones. I haven’t checked for the slivered almonds but if this works I can save money in flour AND in almond butter which can cost up to $7 a jar! Trusted by professional chefs and bakers across the country, our almond flour works well in breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, pancakes, macaroons and more. I have used Bob’s Red Mill in the past in baking and had recipes flop because its texture is coarser than other brands.
SO 1 cup of flour, AND 32oz of almond milk — AND the soaking makes them easier to digest! So watch out and make sure you get a floury consistency; 15-20 seconds of food processing the slivered almonds should do the trick.

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