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There is one issue on which both experts and non-experts agree: growing or raising vegetables is a worthwhile endeavor. Vegetables that you will not want to harvest until late summer or fall and vegetables that are not too vulnerable to frost can be sown directly outdoors. Multiple sowing of seeds together in the same planting hole or place is yet another way of starting vegetables from seed.

If you want to know which are the recommended varieties of various types of vegetables, you can consult seed catalogues; they have useful information on specific types of vegetables, how long they take till harvest, and which ones are resistant to plant diseases.
Transplant them to larger containers, space them farther apart, and let them continue growing until they are big enough to plant in the garden. Be sure, too, that seeds are fresh enough to be viable; old seeds will germinate spottily or not at all.

When the plants have been set in at the proper depth and the soil has been gently firmed about them, give them a good watering so that their roots will quickly come into contact with the soil.

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