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Author: admin, 03.06.2014
By testing the ph of the water through the use of water alkaline system technology, the ph balance of water can be successfully achieved. As I mentioned last week, I was rockin a MINI alkaline based cleanse and I wanted to share with you what it all means..
When you eat a diet full of acidic foods the body has to STEAL those minerals back, force your organs to turn on OVERDRIVE + depletes the healthy function of these VITAL organs. The basic general RULE of thumb is to eat foods from BOTH sides of the chart with an emphasis of ALKALINE forming foods so 70%-80% alkaline + 20-30% Acid Ash Forming Foods.
Thanks for sharing the chart that describes where different foods fall on the scale of being acidic or alkaline. If the pH of your blood falls below 7.35, the result is a condition called acidosis, a state that leads to central nervous system depression. When you ingest foods and liquids, the end products of digestion and assimilation of nutrients often results in an acid or alkaline-forming effect - the end products are sometimes called acid ash or alkaline ash. So there are two main forces at work on a daily basis that can disrupt the pH of your body fluids - these forces are the acid or alkaline-forming effects of foods and liquids that you ingest, and the acids that you generate through regular metabolic activities. For example, your phosphate buffer system uses different phosphate ions in your body to neutralize strong acids and bases.
Drawing on your calcium phosphate reserves at a high rate can also increase the amount of calcium that is eliminated via your genito-urinary system, which is why a predominantly acid-forming diet can increase your risk of developing calcium-rich kidney stones.

This is just one example of how your buffering systems can be overtaxed to a point where you experience negative health consequences. Generally speaking, most vegetables and fruits have an alkaline-forming effect on your body fluids. Your health is best served by a good mix of nutrient-dense, alkaline and acid-forming foods; ideally, you want to eat more alkaline-forming foods than acid-forming foods to have the net acid and alkaline-forming effects of your diet match the slightly alkaline pH of your blood.
The following lists indicate which common foods have an alkaline-forming effect on your body fluids, and which ones result in acid ash formation when they are digested and assimilated into your system. Please note that these lists of acid and alkaline-forming foods are not comprehensive, nor are they meant to be. The ideal scenario is to make fresh vegetables and fruits the centerpieces of your diet, and to eat small amounts of any other nutrient-dense foods that your appetite calls for and that experience shows your body can tolerate.
In here, the calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium will then turn into rich alkaline that is high in oxygen but low in hydrogen. Alkalizing the body means that from the food intake up to the water for drinking and cooking must be changed totally. Eventually our bodies become a toxic warehouse, with a run down liver and a disfunctioning digestive system.
Once the bodies mineral stores are depleted the body has to rob the alkaline minerals from wherever it can from the body to maintain a healthy pH in the blood.

Eating an alklaine based diet for these few days, affected all of my bodily fluids which include urine, saliva + venous blood. Daily alkalized water intake neutralizes the body’s acidity that is caused by modern diet, pollution, and of course stress from family, work, or even relationship.
Many would say that ionized water can give immeasurable benefit which is really true.  The alkaline water has a pH level of 8 depending on the alkaline water system equipment that is being used. My kidneys were WORKAHOLICS that weekend to try and maintain homeostasis within my body by excreting acid or alkaline urine so  I wanted to give them a break by drinking lots of alkalized water, eating lightly steamed veggies + tons of green juices.
Obviously, plenty of water intake plus a healthful diet can really improve health and helps you avoid any diseases that are caused by acidification. Take it from me, I had a digestive system that was ruined, I had to start from the beginning, build up my stomach acids and bacterias again and I was able to do so with an alkaline based diet given to me by my Acupuncturist while living in Cabo San Lucas, MX.

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