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Author: admin, 06.07.2013
Find Out How This Proven Approach To Health Has Just Become Unbelievably Easy And How You Can Feel Great with this Diet Too! I have spent almost ten years living alkaline, cooking alkaline every single day and here is why it matters to you: it took me six years but I have cracked the code of easy alkaline living and now you can get all of my experience and recipes to start living alkaline right now. By reading this page you will discover how my Alkaline Diet Recipe Book means you can immediately start living alkaline – with almost zero effort or willpower required! In this article I am about to reveal that no matter which of the above situations you clicked – you can immediately begin to make your health goals a reality and stick to the alkaline diet with ease. Why my approach, after six years of coaching and living the alkaline diet, gives you the best possible chance of successfully living alkaline – and removes the need for willpower. I remember when I first started to try to live the alkaline diet, I was full of enthusiasm – I knew this lifestyle made perfect sense. It wasn’t until I had my first truly delicious alkaline dinner that I finally realised – my ability to stick with the alkaline diet was directly related to the foods I was eating and my enjoyment of those foods. And on so many nights, when I got home from work, exhausted, I would struggle to even think of anything I could eat that was both alkaline and even slightly yummy. I know that when you first start the alkaline diet (or even if you’ve been trying for years) it can feel like your diet is totally restricted. The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book contains over one hundred delicious alkaline recipes – recipes you will love and enjoy every day including your favourites such as pastas, curries, chillis, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, soups, juices, smoothies & more. I KNOW how to make the alkaline diet easy, achievable and enjoyable to get YOU to YOUR best ever health, energy, body and vitality. My Alkaline Diet Recipe Book will give you the simple steps you need so you can achieve those three things and any other health goal you desire – just by eating alkaline and enjoying your food.
I’ve proven time and time again with thousands of people from all over the world that my approach to the alkaline diet not only guarantees that you will experience great health and vitality for life, but that you will get the three things you wrote in the box above. That’s right by eating alkaline and using my recipes you will get the things you desire most. I have spent the last six years living alkaline, creating recipes and fine tuning my strategies to help people get alkaline and stay alkaline and my cook book is the result of this unique experience. If you buy this recipe book you really do guarantee that you will successfully stay alkaline and reach your health goals. With over one hundred nutrient-rich, alkaline, satisfying and delicious recipes you are covered for every meal of the day. As you can see, these meals are not necessarily what you would expect to see in an Alkaline Diet cookbook, but I promise you they are all alkaline, and they are all delicious.

One of the #1 reasons why people fail to stick to the alkaline diet is that when they’re tired, busy and hungry they go to the kitchen and find nothing healthy to eat. The meal plans use the tastiest meals from the Recipe Book and transition you over to the alkaline diet, while the shopping lists tell you EXACTLY the foods to buy from the supermarket to make sure you always have the right ingredients in the kitchen. My Alkaline Diet Recipe Book contains 100% alkaline, delicious meals that will revitalise, rejuvenate, energise, slow the aging process, boost your immunity and give you the energy and youthfulness you’ve always craved. With over one hundred delicious and well loved meals including lasagnes, pastas, curries, chillis, soups, smoothies & juices – all totally alkaline and all 100% packed with the nutrients you need to live with health, energy and vitality – this book makes living the alkaline diet so easy. And if you were worried that the food you will be eating on the alkaline diet will be boring,click here to see a sample of the mouth-watering recipes in my Alkaline Diet Recipe Book. Remember the alkaline diet requires you to consume 70% alkaline foods to 30% acids – so to include lean meats and oily fish as part of your 30% a few times a week is smart and totally acceptable.
You don’t have to give up on anything to live alkaline – you just have to make the right choices more often than not and live with moderation!
With this in mind, I have designed this recipe book to give you everyday favourites, not obscure dishes that you will never cook.
So by buying my recipe book you are making life a whole lot easier AND enjoyable – not restricting yourself! My alkaline diet cookbook gives a proven path to reaching your health goals and is guaranteed to make you alkaline. Sure, you can go and spend ?35 or ?45 on other alkaline diet cookbooks (if you can find them) or general healthy eating cookbooks – but to be totally honest with you, I have given away all of that information already for free on my blog and the other Alkaline Recipe Books I’ve read have actually been full of acidic-meals!
As I mentioned earlier, there are thousands and thousands of articles in scientific literature that have demonstrated the success of the alkaline lifestyle as laid to you in The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book.
There is solid science behind the effectiveness of this diet — and now, you have the opportunity to prove its merits to yourself with absolutely no risk. For your sake, I hope you’ll make the right decision and try my Alkaline Diet Recipe Book and always stay in consultation with your qualified health professional or qualified doctor. We have prepared this guide to give pHion customers a listing of foods that are both alkalizing and acidic in nature. This comprehensive acid-alkaline foods chart contains 45 BONUS supporting alkalizing recipes to serve as a guide for those who are looking for dietary answers in the journey to managing body pH balance. I would just crave to have something easy, filling, satisfying and alkaline, but it seemed impossible.
When you feel like your diet is restrictive and you shudder at the thought of eating that way for the rest of your life you are doomed to failure.

I know Dr Young (pioneering researcher behind the Alkaline Diet) eats fish occasionally and Stu Mittleman (world champion ultramarathon runner and Alkaline Diet advocate) enjoys the occasional steak. All of the ingredients are standard, everyday items you will find in your local grocer, market or health food store and the recipes will include many of your favourites – made alkaline! This makes it really easy to increase the quantity If you have guests and, as I live alone, easy to halve the quantities for 1 (unlike so many other recipe books which assume you are cooking for at least 4 people).
For the price of just one meal out you will have my entire, six year, Alkaline recipe collection plus the bonuses above (and below) that guarantee you will be living alkaline for life and experiencing more energy, health and vitality – within 24 hours. Each month an additional 20-30 scientific articles are published about the biological and therapeutic effects of the alkaline diet and reduction of dietary acidosis. Remember, you’ll have a 90-day trial period to read The Alkaline Diet Recipe Book, start cooking my meals and see how it works for you. The truth is, TRUE health depends on the pH balance of your body – not about miracle pills and fad diets. It is our wish that you’ll find ways to integrate more healthy alkalizing foods and water into your diet, and free yourself from the kinds of acidic foods that overly tax your body. I have all of the benefits I wanted to get out of alkaline lifestyle and I am about to give you everything you need so that you can get there too.
My personal diet is to be a vegetarian, but I know many very healthy, athletic and vibrant alkalizers who still eat meat and fish. By eating a diet of 80% alkalizing foods, you’ll eliminate the production of excess acid in your body.Microforms like bacteria, yeasts and fungi create acidic toxins in your body. We believe that when you see and feel the results you’re looking for, maintaining an alkaline lifestyle will be a pleasure.
You have nothing to lose by at least trying my yummy alkaline diet recipes, so click on the link below to order today! By increasing your intake of alkaline supplements and alkaline, ionic water you will replenish your body’s capacity to neutralize excess acids.Cancer, strokes, heart disease, diabetes and just about every other illness that society is stricken with today are caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD Diet).

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