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Author: admin, 19.02.2015
Acne and pimples are today perhaps the most common health problem skin teenagers (although one of them is not being spared the older generation). Because of this problem is often addressed Beautician and the first question they ask there a question about nutrition and what they eat. Feeding against acne and pimple implies the exclusion of certain foods from the diet and increasing the intake of various vitamins and minerals that help reduce fat and skin to prevent acne and pimples.
First, the diet should be excluded spicy and greasy foods: spices, vegetable oil, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, chips, fatty meats, smoked sausage, strong cheeses, as well as fast food (especially hamburgers and fried potatoes).

Along with this it is necessary to limit the intake of sweets: cakes, chocolate, ice cream, caramel, as well as tea, coffee and carbonated drinks. Fruits, vegetables and green goods – these are the foods that contain high levels of dietary fiber.
Dairy products – nutritional needs that are represented dairy products, because they are easily welded and are very useful. Breakfast: salad of cucumber, celery and carrots, seasoned with a spoon of lemon juice, an apple.

If you follow a diet against acne and pimples at least a month, you will achieve a significant reduction in itch and will improve overall skin condition.
All in all diet for acne and pimples is actually a pretty healthy diet that will help your skin shine in new splendor and you do that, you feel great.

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