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Now for the first time ever, baseball pitchers age 13 and up can access some of the exact same pitching workouts and training methods used throughout Major League Baseball. Not only will this revolutionary pitching workout program make you faster and stronger, but it will also show you how to unlock your true potential while reducing the risk of injury.
How to recover from games and pitching workouts quicker, so you get leaner and stronger when everyone else is just getting tired.
How to improve your total athleticism, enhance your performance, and reduce injuries through exercise progressions for the specific movement patterns you commonly use when pitching.
As long as you pledge to work hard, these pitching workouts will lead you to results that will dramatically improve your pitching ability. For junior high and high school pitchers, that's about 45 to 60 minutes a day, two to three days a week. Yes, with these pitching workouts you will get bigger muscles, develop better flexibility, and add more strength.
I'm offering you the EXACT SAME exercises and workout routines I used in college and professional baseball to improve pitching velocity.
You simply follow and fill out the step-by-step charts, weight training calendars, throwing plans and tracking logs that outline your entire program for you.
Unlike other pitching workout programs that I've seen, I'm not going to overwhelm you with pages and pages of cookie-cutter pitching mumbo jumbo, just to make my product look large and worthwhile. In my program, I cut to the chase with 188 easy-to-read pages of my prime strength and conditioning exercises, pitching workouts and training strategies — those that you can begin using immediately to start seeing results fast. I'm talking about having a superior quality conditioning guide that is pitching specific and designed as a tracking log to help you chart your progress every step of the way. If you're like me and don't like to read, check out the more than 500 pictures and illustrations that make the pitching workouts easy to understand.
If you can't throw harder and minimize the risk of injury with this workout program for pitchers, I seriously think you're in the wrong field. What's more, TUFFCUFF even has separate, individualized pitching workout sheets and training calendars for starters and relievers during the in-season program. Now you can take all the guesswork out of your strength program and apply the same functional training and conditioning plan that big league pitchers are now using to develop more explosive power and stamina while building a stronger arm, improving flexibility and reducing the risk of throwing arm injuries. This program utilizes some of the most advanced conditioning techniques available to develop multi-directional speed and agility.

A potent combination of often-overlooked back and scap exercises designed specifically for pitchers will leave you feeling stronger and throwing harder than ever before! Follow along with some serious core training and ab exercises for pitchers that will allow you to transfer all the strength in your lower body up through your mid-section and out through each pitch.
Many pitchers have good overall strength but lack the necessary power to rapidly accelerate a baseball and produce more pitching velocity.
Get ready to squat, throw, press and pull your way to a full body speed-strength workout like no other! The nutrition guidelines in TUFFCUFF are just as vital to your overall success as any of the challenging workouts in this program.
A solid throwing program is perhaps the most essential part of a pitcher's conditioning routine. Well, ever since the release of The TUFFCUFF Strength and Conditioning Manual for Baseball Pitchers in 2007, I've had the opportunity to track some of the results that pitchers and coaches have enjoyed from implementing the pitching workouts on their own, and had them report them back to me.
I've listed more than 150 pitching success stories below from serious and committed baseball pitchers using the program right now. These results are just the BEGINNING for these guys as they will continue to get bigger, faster, stronger and throw harder with this complete pitching program. It is the most comprehensive do-it-yourself training and conditioning plan for pitchers I have found and I have looked extensively. In season, pre season, post season programs all have unique plan to provide just the right work and rest periods to make you the strongest, most effective pitcher you can be. But if you're 100 percent committed to becoming a complete pitcher — and if you're willing to work hard at it — the baseball pitching workouts in TUFFCUFF will transform your career and your life! And the attention you'll pay to recovery from your pitching workouts will give you a straight path to the results you want with the most complete and up-to-date pitching workout program available today. TUFFCUFF has different workout routines for junior high, high school, college, and professional baseball players. I think you'll find that the baseball workout charts, training calendars, traching logs and throwing schedules are really key and excellent because they're so straightforward and easy to follow.
It will tell you what to do on that specific day — from what pitching workouts and exercises to perform (lifting, running, stretching, throwing) to what foods and supplements to take before and after your workout. That's because during the season, different pitching roles require different training techniques — something that you'll learn about in the program.

TUFFCUFF features the absolute best pre-game warm-up exercises and dynamic stretching routines for pitchers. The weekly in-season and off-season running programs feature a proper mix of distance running, sprinting, speed training and agility drills to help pitchers develop the fast twitch muscles in their legs. The agility drills that you'll perform to develop athleticism, leg power, balance, quick feet and coordination will help you become a better fielding pitcher!
These highly effective rotator cuff exercises for pitchers are proven to increase throwing velocity and endurance while preventing pitching arm injuries. These leg exercises for pitchers will strengthen and develop your leg muscles and hip flexors by blasting your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.
The more than 70 workout charts are where all the exercises are organized into sets, reps, times and rest periods to get you the improvement you seek.
The weekly in-season and offseason throwing program in TUFFCUFF provide the perfect mix of light toss, long toss, pitching bullpens, throwing drills and flat ground routines, plus optional weighted baseball training for more advanced pitchers. Leads you step-by-step through a year 'round program with loads of useful exercise photos and descriptions. I've never followed such a detailed yet easy program to get my pitching arm in shape for the season.
I really like the way the book is organized so I don't have to read it and then try to piece together a workout.
Before publishing this pitching workout manual, we put more than 40 high school pitchers in the St. Sprint work at varying distances and special swimming pool and stationary bike workouts keep year-round conditioning fun and focused. I've done all the work for you in laying out your weight lifting, conditioning and throwing program for the entire year so you can get started right away!
I've added 25+ pounds of lean, strong, flexible muscle in the first 3 months of religiously following the program. Each area of concentration has a variety of exercises to choose from to keep workouts fresh and interesting, allowing you to pick and choose the ones that work the best for you.

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