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Author: admin, 09.07.2014
If you don't have time to read the whole Carolyn's Facial Fitness review, I'll summarize my results here. There is a huge controversy around facial exercises, mostly because a lot of people think that they work by building facial muscles. Carolyn promises that her facial exercise program will do all kinds of wonders to make you look younger.
The picture on the right was taken 24th of September, 1012, just a couple of days before I turn 36. Also, it feels really good to know that I have some control over how I age.I was a bit disappointed that I did not get the gorgeous results with the base program only.
But that was never promised, it was my own assumption and I should have contacted Carolyn 4 months after starting, not after 2 years!There are plenty of great things about this program.

There are more pictures of me at the end of this page.In my experience the program works for eye bags. What have they got to lose!"I hope you decide to give facial exercises a chance, for your own sake. Experts agree that if there would be a way to relieve that tension and de-train muscles from their learned expression patterns, it would be a great way to fight wrinkles - but they don't often realize that facial exercises do just that. And it would be truly amazing if, one day, everyone knew about facial exercises, just as everyone accepts physical exercise is good to your bodily health.I'm glad I gave facial exercises a shot. They make you more aware of extra muscle tension and your repeated expressions.Due to this misunderstanding, you'll find articles claiming that facial exercises are a scam.
Of course, I have a little extra weight, but I was hoping for even more results.So I contacted Carolyn for customizing my routine, even though I was a little worried if I'd get any support 2 years after buying the program.

You'll feel better and more confident about your how you look.Also note that your nutrition affects how effectively facial exercises work! Even if the nutrient flow to the tissues would be optimal, you will get suboptimal results if you are eating a nutrient-poor diet or have hormonal issues that use up the nutrients.There is a ton of different facial exercise programs to choose from and the possible results vary from mild toning to clearly visible face-lift.

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