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Author: admin, 30.06.2015
The 17-Day Diet Menu consists primarily of lean proteins such as fish and grilled chicken along with raw or steamed vegetables such as artichokes, okra, spinach, tomatoes, and water cress. In the fourth and hopefully ongoing stage of the 17 day diet, followers can eat pretty much whatever they like during the weekends. Moreno makes green tea an important part of the 17 day diet, especially for people who typically guzzle diet soda or coffee for energy.

His diet and exercise plan combines some elements of low-carbohydrate diets, traditional Chinese medicine, basic walking, and avoiding deprivation. The actual weight loss varies, but many people lose about 17 pounds in the first month of the diet.
People who detest green tea or are morally opposed to using any element of traditional Chinese medicine will probably need to find another diet.

Ideally, you are walking 17 minutes or more every day or building up to that kind of activity level.

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