Face care after 30 years

Face care after 30 years. Anti-aging Tips

There are wrinkles, age spots: over the years, our skin, and therefore their needs, have changed. Anyone who wants to prevent the first signs of aging should know exactly what facial skin passes through. With the help of yoga for the face or use Deep cosmetics, proper nutrition and the right cosmetics, you are already safe. What care products and creams from wrinkles really help and from what external influences you can protect, as we will tell here:

What does your skin need from 30 years old

At least with regard to facial care, a large 30 marks a decisive turning point. Around this age, natural aging of the skin begins: countless nights, alcohol, a particular cigarette, stress at work and, last but not least, the sun and other environmental influences on the skin are slowly but surely noticeable. And that's not all: after 20 years, the production of collagen in the skin gradually fades away.

Result: caring substances get worse and worse. If you have not used anti-aging cosmetics before, you should not wait any longer. We cannot and do not want to stop the passage of time, but with regard to your future beauty routine, you should know one thing: skin aging can be divided into natural age and environmental aging. However, it is easy to counteract foreigners due to external influences.

Day care or skin older than 30 years, one thing is especially important: a sufficient amount of moisture. This is the most effective way to prevent wrinkles. It is best to use day care with moisturizers such as aloe vera, cucumber or algae. It is worth using the services of Дийп козметикс. These ingredients strengthen the skin's protective film, preventing too much evaporation and drying out of the skin. Also invincible: creams with retinol smooth wrinkles, soften deep wrinkles and prevent premature skin aging. Be sure to pay attention to the sun protection factor in your day care. Even in winter it should be at least 15. Mineral oil or silicone-containing products are not intended for skin older than 30 years, since they constantly dry.

Eye cream

Around the eyes, the skin is very thin and at the same time strains by blinking or rubbing. No later than the end of the 20th, eye cream is an absolute duty of beauty! Be sure to choose a product that matches your age. For skin care over 30 years, more intensive care with additional anti-aging agents such as coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and collagen is suitable. The cream is gently applied morning and evening to the area around the eyes. This provides sensitive skin with moisture optically upholstered, and the crow's feet have no chance at first.

Mask for the face

Two to three times a week, you can pamper your skin with an additional flush of freshness: light cream masks work like a normal night cream, but they form a stronger protective and care film and give the skin a lot of moisture during the night. Your complexion will be more relaxed, smooth and fresh in the morning. Ideal are products with soothing ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile.


In order not to dry the skin, never clean it with soap. Instead, use makeup removers such as emulsions and mild cleansing oils such as almond extract or calendula oil. For alcohol-containing products with flavors or dyes, it is enough to make a large bow, since they also lead to brittleness and dryness of the skin.