Live Audience Testing Made Easy.

Drag and Drop!
Simple as Drag & Drop.

Upload two rough cuts, select the target audience, and boom! Your videos just went live: it gets blasted to hundreds of viewers in the US.

Instead of guessing what audiences will like, use Dataface to test creative decisions on 100 real people. Try different soundtracks, titles, or b-rolls to find edits that will make your video shine.

Find out what people really think.

Dataface uses cameras and artificial intelligence to identify where people looked and what expressions they showed at each frame. Our technology identifies what shots made people smile, get confused, or lose interest.

Oh, we also let people rate clips and answer survey questions.


The Dashboard You Deserve.

Identify winning versions by glancing through our charts and results. Use our gaze heatmaps to find where users are looking. Use data to backup creative decisions to clients and teammates.

As soon as 100 people finish watching a video, we'll email you with a link to the results.


Gaze Tracking

Get heatmaps of what captured people's attention at every frame. You'll see where people looked (or didn't).


Expression Analysis

Our technology identifies sentiment, engagement, and core emotions. We can show what parts got people pumped or snooze off.


Surveys (Coming Soon).

Soon, we'll let you ask our audience your biggest questions. For now, you'll get a 1-5 star rating of what people thought.


Make Videos People Love

Our customers use our data to identify and fix problems before the video goes live. Start making every video a success. Inspire your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask anything via chat if you can't find your question below. Use the chat bubble down to the right.

How long does it take?

Today, with the free version, results may take up to 24 hours. We're working hard to bring this down to 60 minutes.

Who owns the rights to uploaded content?

You keep all the rights to any clips. We do not seek any ownership or sell your content to anyone.

Is there a risk of leaked content?

We've never had an incident of leaked content. Clips are distributed through a proprietary application that prevents downloading.

Why 2 cuts?

Our goal is to encourage aggressive split tests, and help creatives experiment with different edits until they find the winning combo. We want you to go crazy, to test every little thing.

Can I upload a single cut instead of two?

We designed our product to help creatives pick between 2 edits. But if you want to cheat, upload the same video twice :)

Do viewers know they're being watched?

Yes - this is a 100% opt-in network with full transparency.

Why do viewers do this?

They get paid for participating. Kind of like Uber, but without the car.

Who is going to see my video?

We've recruited our own panel of viewers after verifying their identity. These are individuals throughout the United States for now, though we're working on building an international audience.

Are you replacing creatives?

No - we still need you to think of cool ideas worth trying out. Our data can only pick the winning edits after you've thought of them.

Other questions?

Ask us via chat on the right, or email hello@dataface.ai