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Fear of Recurrence Essay
Fear of Recurrence Like
No Other Fear

After a cancer diagnosis and nearing the end of treatment, Kathy LaTour recalls how she coped with her fear of recurrence, a common emotion for many who face cancer. “I wasn't even finished with chemotherapy when I had my first panic attack brought on by the fear that my cancer had returned.”

Read how she overcame her fears, and share your own experience with overcoming the anxiety that comes with the end of treatment. READ BLOG >

employment and cancer infographic
Infographic: Employment & Cancer
Working during and after treatment can be tough on patients, but new resources, protections and an increased workplace understanding about cancer has improved patient outcomes. Of the more than 12 million cancer survivors in the U.S., one-third are under the age of 65, the traditional retirement age. With millions of people working during and after cancer treatment, survivors are changing the face of the workforce. VIEW INFOGRAPHIC >

Richard Frank, MD
When the Unexplainable Happens
When an acquaintance asks oncologist Richard Frank for medical advice for her father, who has advanced cancer, his first thought was to help make him comfortable and manage his end-of-life care. But then something unexpected happened. READ BLOG >

Event Calendar
Cancer Retreat Offers Healing and Support
The Smith Center for Healing and the Arts will host its next three-day cancer retreat on Nov. 1-3. The retreat, based in Washington, D.C., will include sessions on group support, yoga, meditation, expressive arts and relaxation techniques. The retreat is limited to 10 participants, so early registration is encouraged. Partial scholarship assistance is available. READ MORE>

Dealing with First Treatment Anxieties
Did you have anxiety or fear about beginning cancer treatment? How did you cope? And was the expectation of that first treatment different from the reality ? LEAVE A COMMENT >

Looking for Lessons in Cancer's 'Miracle' Responders
Over the past century, some patients have stood out by staging remarkable recoveries, or long-term benefits, from cancer drugs that provide little or no help to others. Little heed has been paid to them because there was no way to know why they fared so well. David Solit, an oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, decided to find out why. READ MORE>

Institute of Medicine Releases Report Citing Crisis in Cancer Care
Cancer treatment has grown so complex, many U.S. doctors can't keep up with new information and are offering incorrect treatment, failing to explain options and leaving patients to coordinate their own care, according to a report released by the Institute of Medicine. READ MORE >



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