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Unlike with a cold or the flu, however, this type of sore throat can also be chronic. Reply   Replied by Monil Herndon, Va 08/03/2012 Replied by Vanitha Chennai, Tamilnadu, India 05/02/2013 Replied by Ed2010 Oakville, Canada 05/03/2013 Replied by Vanitha Chennai, Tamilnadu 07/06/2013 Replied by Baldev Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 07/06/2013 173 posts Replied by Marie Ny 08/07/2017 Posted by Max (Greene, NY) on 05/20/2007 I have been suffering from acid reflux for many years; I came across your website and tried the pure cherry juice as well as the acidophilus pills. Special wedges may be purchased, but some doctors say that these may "fold" the stomach and make symptoms worse and suggest that simply raising the head or lowering the foot of the bed is best. Infants and children who do not vomit or complain of heart-burn or stomachache may have this condition. Apr 14, I do have a tendency toward heartburn but I stopped having it so much when I quit eating so many fried foods; about 5 yrs ago.

If you have no other symptoms give it time to clear and if it does not ultimately get back to normal check in with your local pcp. ... A heartburn medication is a synthetic drug to stop the stomach acid, but the stomach needs acid to protect itself. Both conditions are so relatively common that proving a relationship when both are present is difficult. ... The main cause can be linked to a round shaped muscle called the lower esophagus sphincter. Eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, and menthol whether you are a good candidate for this. Instead, the stomach contents reach the back of the throat and irritate it (hence the name laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR).

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4 doctors agreed: Unlikely virus: One month of abdominal symptoms is a little longer than one would expect from a virus alone. Also synthetic weed heartburn systematic Sep can, Constant nausea, bloating, can pains and acid reflux; However anxiety cannot cause you make feel sick 24/7 like we do. You should talk with your doctor about using antacids if you have a condition that requires adjusting sodium in your diet or if you are taking a prescription medicine.   Antacids also have side effects.

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Over time, you will be able to correlate the offending foods with heartburn events. Acid reflux can cause not only a sore throat but other ear, nose and throat disorders such as: chronic coughing difficulty swallowing wheezing choking hoarseness feeling like there is a lump in your throat constantly having to clear your throat ear pain bad breath Acid reflux is usually suspected based on your symptoms, if typical treatments used for acid reflux are not effective in controlling your symptoms your doctor may order other tests including: EGD esophageal motility testing barium esophagram Treatments Acid reflux is first treated by a group of medications called antacids, which are taken as needed. In people with these problems, abnormal muscle activity in the esophagus prevents food from moving through the esophagus normally.

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These pills regulate the blood pressure in the affected area but may have negative health effects in long term. Weight and symptoms Effects of your weight on symptoms Occasional heartburn can happen to anyone, but being overweight is one of the most common causes of GERD. Keep baby head elevated after feeding, thickening forumula with rice cereal etc. Have dinner a few hours before you retire for the day. A lot is available, so c ur GI specialist 4 eval, test, & rx. ... These heartburn remedies can help stop reflux symptoms after you start experiencing them. Then I married a man who was always positive that his health was far better than mine - or anyone else's. Note that smoking also substantially reduces the clearance of acid from the esophagus. Exercise can also trigger heartburn, so you should exercise wisely. Elevating your head: Elevating your head when sleeping, anywhere from 6 to 9 inches, ensures that stomach contents flow downward instead of upward. Dilation of what: Was this lower esophageal dilation. But if they are not helping then consulting a doctor is recommended.When everything is flowing smoothly, life is good. Read more 1 doctor agreed: 8 8 I have very bad acid reflux and I have for years. I am what you'd call a return patient to Earth clinic, after curing another 'ailment' permanently, I came straight to this site at 2 am last night after a severe attack of heartburn.

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