If you want to get into Curation chances are you will want to automate at the very least a part of the process. All automation saves time and curating content is no exception. Curator Contender was built for exactly that purpose but with a twist. Our software helps you curate articles for your backlink automation tools.

What is Curation?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the value of using curation. But what is curation really? The easiest answer is to see curation is as a mix of "filtering and commenting".

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is exactly that. Selectively filtering (recycling) different pieces of content and presenting it/them with your thoughts/comments added in. Without your personal input curation would be little more than copying and pasting. No additional value would be created. It is your personal take on things that creates that extra value for your website or blog.

*** Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually with the intention of adding value. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users. ***

Curation Methods:

Content curation can be carried out either manually or automatically or by a combination of both. In the first case, it's done by specially designated curators (you). In the second case, it's done using one or more of the following:

Collaborative filtering: (Collaborative filtering can either be based on votes and views of a given social community, as it's done on Reddit and Digg, or the end user's own prior activity, as it's done on YouTube and Amazon.)

Semantic analysis: (This system compares some of the factors or all the information sources topics and terms. This method uses the principles of factor analysis to analyze relationships between the studied phenomena and objects.)

Social rating: (This method employs user ratings and recommendations to select content. The system finds someone with interests similar to the end user and bases its recommendations on their activity. Parameters for determining the social ranking are generally based on actions such as shares, votes, likes, etc., keeping in mind the time that these activities are carried out once the content is published. The more there are such activities in a shorter time, the higher rating this content gets.)

The Video Below Shows How To Rank With Curated Articles and Other Content