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The One Simple Tool PROVEN To Convert Your Website Traffic

We have ALL had to do it before, and if you're like me you've probably spent a lot of time, stress & effort just trying to come up with a compelling way to convert your website traffic into leads, and best of all actual paying customers, but only to find...

Nothing has WORKED!

You know you want to communicate that your products or services are valuable and really engage with every single visitor in order to captivate their attention and make you sales...


... your site doesn’t grab their attention enough, they can’t be bothered reading through everything, or they don’t even make it as far as your products pages!

Does this sound familiar at all?

Unless you're a pro copy writer, or, have an extra few thousand dollars to spare on developing software to help GRAB your visitors’ attention, then you are literally lost, to try and make something happen, and hope it will turn out ok...

If you feel like that, then I can tell you, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

And that is why we decided to do something about it! Behind closed doors, we have been wrecking our brains, taking feedback from customers about what exactly it is that will help them turn their website visitors into engaged leads and customers.
We decided to come up with a solution which would enable absolutely ANYONE to create engaging and good looking Call-To-Action Bars to prominently feature on their website to pull visitors’ attention, within a matter of seconds!



The ONLY software of its kind that allows you to create professionally crafted CTA bars for your sales pages, Blog Sites, Landing Pages and websites with the click of a few buttons


The Perfect Website Addition For Users Of...

CTA Bars That Actually Turn Your

Visitors Into Leads & Customers!

Having a nice looking website or sales page with cool images and videos is important, however with just cool images and videos and not an actual clear Call-To-Action, your pages will certainly entertain your viewers but it WON'T make you sales or generate leads...

The most important part is actually the Call-To-Action you put in front of your visitors, smack-bang in front of them as soon as they are on your page!

Pop ups work, of course, but anyone can just exit out of them. We’re talking about Call-To-Action Bars that actually FOLLOW your visitor as they scroll through your pages, waiting for the inevitable to happen: for them to actually ACT with the help of your CTA Bar.

I mean, the actual call-to-action that engages with people enough for them to TAKE ACTION
Otherwise, it's just a nice looking website...

So You Need To Ask YourSelf...

What Is The Main Call-To-Action Of My Page or Website?

If it is to create compelling sales offers or offer a range of services, that make you sales and generate you leads, then you need to create a way for your visitors to compel them to take action!
And that is why we are super excited to bring you the most powerful & flexible call-to-action , all-in-one solution!

Creating Call To Actions of Your Site In Minutes Is Now Possible!

Here’s All Of The Other Of All Of CTA Bar’s Uses:


High converting scarcity bars in seconds for your launches

CTA Bar makes it easy to create the launch scarcity bars you've seen on the top online marketing launches. Now you can leverage these scarcity bars to make even more money from your launches and sales pages.

Lead Capture Bar’s For Your Blog TO Increase Opt-ins By Up To 3X

Simply add a CTA bar to your blog and watch your Opt-Ins skyrocket. One of the easiest ways to make money with this software is to add a Opt-In to a blog page and then capture leads to promote to over and over again.

Collect Registrations For Events With Your CTA Bar

Do you have an event you need to invite people to? Use CTA Bar - visitors can simply register inside of CTA and receive all the information they need for your event. Easy!

Receive Donations Right From Your CTA Bar

You've seen Wikipedia use it over and over again. If you're taking donations for your local charity use CTA Bar! CTA Bar stands out, it's easy to find and you'll find your donations will increase as a result.

Sell Products From Your CTA Bar

You can actually sell products inside of CTA Bar. With the click of a mouse use CTA Bar to promote then show a clickable buy link inside of the bar.

Direct Your Visitors Where You Want In Seconds Right From CTA Bar

Call To Action Bars on your websites are still the most powerful yet obvious way to use CTA Bar. Use these on your websites to increase the amount of clicks you get through to an offer, event or sales page.

There Is Literally No Other Fully Flexible CTA Bar Software On The Market Specifically Designed To Create Compelling And High Converting Call-To-Actions On Your Pages Like This One...

Whether you’re looking to create high-converting offer pages, need your website to convert more visitors into leads, or give your opt-in pages higher conversions for yourself and even clients, you will certainly need a powerful call-to-action concept and that is why this software is not only going to save you time and effort but also will enable you to create professionally crafted call-to-action bars for your pages using high converting, fully customizable templates which have been tested and proven to convert!

To make the deal even sweeter, we have decided to release CTA Bar at a really amazing discounted price to give you complete freedom to enjoy the power of creating high quality Call-To-Action Bars without having to pay a fortune or any monthly fees!
So make sure to get access right away as the price is increasing significantly in the next few days before we launch it to the public at a monthly cost!

Chad Nicely

Levi Sanford

online marketer/ cmo

Claim Your 60% Off Launch Price Now


You are protected by our 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!

  • q-iconCan CTA bar be used on mobile devices?

    Yes! The software is designed to be both set up on any device with an internet connection, AND show up prominently on your web pages when your visitors browse your pages on their mobile phone (or any other device).

  • q-iconCan I create unlimited CTA bars?

    Of course! Create as many as you want, for as many websites as you want! The sky’s the limit, and we promise not to put any caps on it for you if you are getting in on this launch.

  • q-iconDo I need to download this software?

    No – this software is web-based. This means you can use it from any computer, anywhere in the world! We will take on full responsibility for hosting, and that means you have lifetime access to the software that we will fully maintain.

  • q-iconWhat does CTA mean?

    Call-To-Action of course – the most powerful way to engage your visitors and audience into real leads and loyal customers

  • q-iconIs this a Monthly-Fee Software?

    No: however, because of on-going updates, hosting and our expert support, the price you will be paying is an annual one. In 12 months time from today, if you purchase, you will be asked if you want to renew your license. If CTA Bar hasn’t brought in masses of leads to you by then, you can simply opt-out. It’s that easy.

  • q-iconWhere can I see an example of what the Software does?

    Simple! Look above and look below on this page – these are just basic examples of the kind of CTA Bars your account will be able to create…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

CTA Bar - Single License
CTA Bar - Unlimited License (Launch Discount)
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Claim Your 60% Off Launch Price Now


You are protected by our 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee!