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Announcement: Extension Manager End of Life Notification
Announcement: Extension Manager End of Life Notification
Extension Manager has a long history. It was introduced to Adobe as part of the acquisition of Macromedia, which used it to manage Dreamweaver extensions. Later, it added support for other Adobe products and was integrated into Creative Suite. All Creative Suite users had it installed by default, and it allowed them to install and uninstall extensions. Extension Manager allowed the product teams to focus on core features and leave it to Extension Manager to handle the intricacies of installing plug-ins, extensions and panels in the right locations. It also provided value to developers, as they didn’t have to create their own installers, allowing them to focus on the plug-ins and extensions themselves. The introduction of Creative Cloud created new opportunities and changed how products are distributed, they are no longer available as one large suite installation by default, but rather can be installed individually. This meant Extension Manager was no longer installed by default. When users try to install an extension by double clicking a “.zxp” file, the operating system doesn’t recognise the file format. Users first have to download and install Extension Manager before they can install the extension. This may not be immediately obvious to users and therefore the value of Extension Manager and its ubiquity has significantly diminished.
What’s Happening and When
To leverage the opportunities provided by Creative Cloud and to improve the whole extension installation experience, we have integrated the core of Extension Manager into the Creative Cloud desktop application and built a whole new marketplace experience for extensions and other content into the Adobe Add-Ons website . Once users see an extension they want to acquire, they click a button and the extension is installed by the Creative Cloud application. There is no application like Extension Manager that pops up during installation, it's seamless. Furthermore, your extension is synced across all your Creative Cloud enabled computers and updates are installed automatically. You can easily remove extensions using the website and even acquire products from a smartphone or tablet and have them automatically installed to your computer. This is a much better user experience and provides a lot of value to users. Users now often expect software and data to sync between their devices - this is one of many new possibilities introduced with Creative Cloud.
Adobe has stopped updating and maintaining Extension Manager. We wanted to let you know our plans now so you have time to use alternatives to Extension Manager, described below. Extension Manager will continue to be available as a free web download in various versions with compatibility up to the CC 2014 versions of various creative desktop apps. In addition the final version of Extension Manager CC will be available via the Creative Cloud application for the foreseeable future.
Adobe Products Impacted
Premiere Pro
Flash Pro
Options & Next Steps
If you are a developer, the following options are available to you:
  • You can distribute your products through the Adobe Add-Ons website .
  • If you still want to sell extensions through your own websites or via other channels you can build your own installer or provide instructions to your users for using Extension Manager command line functionality to install your extension.*
  • If you are a user, the following options are available to you:
  • Acquire extensions, plug-ins and other content using the Adobe Add-Ons website .
  • Contact the developer of your extension and request that he/she create an installer for it.
  • Use Extension Manager command line functionality to install and remove your extension.*

  • Enterprises that are unable to use the Creative Cloud application or Adobe Add-Ons can still use the command line functionality of Extension Manager, which will be updated to support the next major release of Creative Cloud *
    *Extension Manager command line tool will be available for download soon via the Adobe Exchange website.

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