Welcome To CrewsControl
Scroll to the bottom and select the icon to install the app. After installing CrewsControl you must go into your settings and do the following for it to work

Sorry there is no Android Version of CrewsControl

Check Here for Current Apple Info

After installing CrewsControl you will see this

You must now go to Settings -> General -> Device Management and select Irons+Co llc then select trust in order for CrewsControl to run on your device.

We have been asked why isn't CrewsControl in the app store? Because Apple has told me twice that it is clearly an application designed for enterprise and not appropriate for the app store. Plus without having to wait approximately 10 days for an approval from Apple for updates, we can add new features and respond to issues very quickly.

Click icon to install CrewsControl

Install CC

Version 1.97 for IOS 10 and up

Installing over WiFi is preferred. After your log in on the start screen, it will download some data. Make sure you let it complete as nothing will download in the background. Should only take a few minutes.

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