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How to uses Twitter as a marketing tool

Craig Moore Computer Consultancy
Adsense & SEO tips for Google Publishers

Adsense Advice and tips number 1 - 20
There are a lot of pages on the internet that show you how to construct a website and a step by step guide to adding Google Adsense advert code to your website. I will not go over the same ground. On this and the following pages you will find advice and tips on running an Adsense funded website. They are a summary of the tweets I post on Twitter with Adsense tips. I will also cover some Search Engine Optimisation SEO techniques. I hope you find them useful and interesting. If you have any suggestions or comments please e-mail me at
Once you have optimised your website and Adsense advert placement you will need to drive traffic to your pages. Read my advice on how to use Twitter as a web marketing tool to do this for you. If you wish to follow my tweets about Adsense and SEO on Twitter seach for @p175634. You should see a picture of a big black dog. Click on the photo and then click the follow button.

Adsense tip 1 - do not stuff you pages with key words. Google will down grade your website in the rankings. You need traffic to make money

Adsense tip 2 - the colour scheme of your adverts must blend in and match the text of you website to get higher click through

Adsense tip 3 - get rid of the border around each block of ads. Your adds should blend with your website. NOT stand out to get click through

Adsense tip 4 - to get more traffic do not think about Keywords. Concentrate on Keyword phrases that people use to search on Google.

Adsense tip 5 - to see good advert placement

Adsense tip 6 - to earn more money you need more traffic and better Google rating. Find a forum on your subject. Give advice add a link

Adsense tip 7 - keep your adverts above the fold. The top part of the page that can be seen without scrolling

Adsense tip 8 - good content is king. Do not try to deceive your readers has good content

Adsense tip 9 - construct a web site on a subject you enjoy that will produce good ads like  travel = hotel ads

Print this page and keep it for reference. Show your friends.

Adsense tip 10 - choose a website topic you enjoy that will produce good ads  trains = tickets toys models holiday travel

Adsense tip 11 - make an advice website on a subject you like. Become an expert. Users like that. You are not sell anything. Your advice is free.

Adsense tip 12 - 70% consumers search for local business info. Add geo keywords ie town or post code then service or product = Wimbledon Dog Walkers

Adsense tip 13 - Always use keywords and phrases when naming graphics to help in SEO not just image1.jpg 

Adsense tip 14 - Do not put ads above your title. Users read your title then read downwards missing ignoring the ad

Adsense tip 15 - always add keyword phrases to the ALT command on each image. Put your mouse over these photos  

Adsense tip 16 - Always use keywords and phrases when naming graphics to help in SEO not just image1.jpg  


Adsense tip 17 - The more good one way back links you have the higher you rate in Google. Check your backlinks at

Adsense tip 18 - Ask questions or give advice and include a link to your website on forums that cover the same topic as your site to get links

Adsense tip 19 - Forget two way links Google prefers one way back links to your site to increase your page ranking.

Adsense tip 20 - You have stayed in a hotel motel b&b. Start accommodation review site. There are lots of hotel advertisers. 1 page per hotel

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