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The first and perhaps the most frustrating lesson videos like Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake prove is: You just never know.
You can put up the most meaningful video and it gets absolutely no attention and then comes along a music video of people randomly jumping around and before you know it every office across the globe has their own rendition of the Harlem Shake. When PSY was videoing Gangnam Style, he was not trying to be viral, he was simply doing what he does best and his charisma, rhythm and the trotting conquered the world.
If you are confusing virality with the number of Facebook Likes or Twitter followers you have yet to understand the power of the web.
Popular videos and content are not about how much exposure your video gets, it’s about how many people decided to pass your content on.
Humanitarian issues, like the most recent need for rebuilding after category 5 typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), are global operations that require a spirit of communal unity, because no one is exempt from experiencing natural disasters.
As you can see, you can also sort by many other parameters, which you may or may not find helpful depending on your search.
The only really sure-fire way to know if a video includes what you want is to start watching.
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For over 30 years, Morris Massey addressed the issues of values, diversity, generational conflicts, and gender in his best selling videos.

The fantasy is always the same, you put out a video and it’s picked up by the biggest thought leaders and influencers in your market.
Videos like Gangnam style and Harlem Shake are flukes and although neither predicted or expected the virality they gained, there can certainly teach us a thing or two about viral content. PSY and Harlem Shake producers had no clue how far their videos were going to go, in fact, if I had to guess, they didn’t care! Whether your goal is to offer important information or trigger an emotional response, your content must be both interesting and valuable to the viewers.
Led by collaborators from the Leapfrog Project, there was a silent auction and raffle to benefit the rebuilding efforts in the Philippines after its central cities were decimated by category 5 typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).
And there a lot of videos: About 72 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
Really poor videos tend to have lower ratings as well as view counts, while the best videos will rank highly for both. GCFLearFree has a whole list of other great videos for beginners – you can see it by clicking here. If, however, you are looking to develop and create sharable content, that’s a whole different ball game. You usually end up waking up in the morning with a huge headache and while everyone saw you, you remain totally irrelevant and worse, you’re annoying!

When I say valuable, I am not talking about life altering, but I am talking about something that will catch the viewer’s eye and the heart and trigger enough of an interest that they want all their friends to share the same experience. But if you have access to the Internet, you can find online resources for learning computer skills – including how-to videos. Nothing bad will happen if you click on them, but they are less likely to address what you were searching for. Fortunately, they are typically less than 30 seconds long and often offer you the option to skip to the video after a few seconds of ad. Morris takes on assumptions about race, religion, age, gender and will help you develop strategies to deal with your homegrown prejudices and acceptance of others.
The server crashes, you get exposure on every single one of the hottest sites and you live happily ever after. Whether it makes them laugh, cry or gain new information, your content should make a difference in your viewer’s eyes.

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