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I wasn’t sure if I should put the fish directly on the grill or in a grill basket, so I started out putting it on the grill, which I had sprayed with oil.
I picked Red Snapper because every recipe I read on grilling whole fish listed it as one of the best tasting choices. Anyway, it seems really good recipe, so I can use it with some other fish, and the most of all, pictures are more than great. The whole fish so reminded me of the Wolf range advertisement when the cook moves fearlessly ahead with the whole fish despite the doubting voices in her head… That would be me… Ur dish turned out beautifully!
Careening through the aisles of Costco in a carefully orchestrated path that circles around the wine bins and heads toward the fresh fish section, I quickly snatched up a length of fresh Sockeye salmon and was headed to the giant refrigerated produce room, when I spied a package of В three colorful, whole fish in an Asian lady’s cart. Personally, I think a whole fish, beautifully prepared and surrounded by fresh herbs and a fragrant sauce, makes for a striking presentation.
I completely agree, Priscilla – a whole fish is beautiful, and I grew up appreciating seeing it intact upon purchase so you can really see how fresh the fish is! Fish seldom make a midweek dinner, but that shouldn't be a reason not to make this quick and easy recipe tonight.
I got my whole Red Snapper at the 99 Ranch Market, which has about 25 feet of whole fresh fish on ice.

I left it on for five minutes to cook the skin, but when I tried to turn it with a spatula, the skin had stuck to the grill in places and came off.
As I recall, my husband had ordered a whole deep fried fish, and when he’d had his fill, I tried a bite or two and ended up finishing the whole thing, because the ginger sauce was so amazing.
Place fish in a grill basket and grill for 20 minutes with the cover of grill closed, turning when each side is a little charred.
My name is Lynne Hemer and I am a woman obsessed with food and cooking, in search of new, unusual, exotic and sublime ingredients and recipes. Years ago, one of our favorite places to dine was Five Feet in Laguna Beach – and their signature whole catfish was the main reason.
Snapper is a great choice and your sauce sounds wonderful, I will go with your suggestion to use the basket. Flip and grill on the second side until the flesh is opaque (white) and flakes easily, another 6-8 minutes.
The truth is, this is the first whole fish I have ever grilled and I was quite excited to give it a try. The Red Snapper is found in the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast Atlantic coast of the U.S.

And I received my catalog for my cookbook book club and there was one whole page titled “Beautiful Holiday Recipes.” Maybe I should get going on my New Year’s Eve recipes, because it’s right around the corner.
I brushed the marinade over the whole fish on the serving platter to give it a beautiful shiny presentation. The eyes were clear, the gills bright redВ  and the skin shinyВ  –В  indicators of a good, fresh fish.
With one fish per person, this recipe works well for a quiet evening alone or a rowdy dinner party among friends. Enjoy a healthy meal in well under a half an hour any day of the week.Red snapper is one of the most popular fish. Their vibrant red color comes from the high levels of carotenoid pigments, mostly astaxanthin, coming from shrimp in their natural diet. This recipe features the flavors of lemon and tarragon, with lemon adding a hint of citrus and tarragon lending an anise flavor.

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