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Plant based diet weight loss success stories

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I’d like to thank Plant Based on a Budget contributor Margaret Chapman for agreeing to do this interview with me. Before going vegan, I was basically in a situation very similar to Joe Cross (from Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead).
My diet consisted of fast food, and when I say consisted of – what I really mean is 2-3 times a day, every single day throughout my entire teenage life.
I blame myself for not being properly educated, but I also feel as though I was at a disservice by not being taught this basic aspect of food. It’s just so easy growing up going to a grocery store and buying a nice and neat slab of meat, wrapped in plastic and having no idea what had to happen for it to get there and why. All of these things individually might not seem like much, but as a whole it’s changed everything for me. If you need a push, the obvious answer is definitely educating yourself on a plant-based diet.
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Seven years ago I changed my diet to vegan whole foods plant based, while still undiagnosed. When I learned about what a plant-based diet can do for my body, I gave up 30+ years of my dietary habits and changed my life overnight. Last week I got results for my annual thyroid levels labs; I thought they were worth sharing to give hope to others who suffer.
I get numerous emails from those who suffer with hypo- and hyperthyroidism alike, asking if there is a magic formula to healing thyroid.
If you are on thyroid medication find a doctor willing to work with you, as you will begin to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Since healing my thyroid, I have extensively written about it and created the Body by Plants program.
If you feel inspired and want to do what I did, drop me a note through Contact page–let’s talk! Close family has seen the dramatic change in my health and have jumped on the low fat vegan wagon. It sounds like you eat the way I teach people 80-10-10 way (or thereabout), and do not use processed oils (yeah!). Wilma, I cannot tell you if you can completely reverse it, although there is always the possibility, even with people who have been feeling unwell and been on meds for a long time. Becky, I am not sure who she is, but I can tell you that overall, it could not be further from the truth. I have helped many, including myself, to reverse hypothyroidism with a plant-based (whole foods) diet. I am so inspired by her dedication to taking control of her health, and I hope you find inspiration in her story as well. I went to a family gathering and couldn’t help but wallow in my own self-pity the entire night.
I was always fascinated by the lovely food shots people would post and being able to see beautiful food that was making these people happy made me want to try and see if I could feel the same way.
I live my life knowing I’m eating the best I can financially and reaping all the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. I’d have to say doing your research on where you live and looking for a local CSA, farmers market or simply having a good relationship with your preferred grocery store is vital to aiding in your success.
I like buying what’s on sale and when I can getting a bit extra to hold me over to the next sale. I spent a solid third of my life fixating on my weight, eating garbage foods and feeling terrible. I personally was just too tired to keep up that way, I had to change before I ate myself to an early grave. When you come to terms with knowing you could do better and not only feel better but live your life as intended, full of health and eliminating excessive doctor visits and perception drugs. It is very helpful and motivating for those of us who grew up with good nutrition taught us, but who got lazy.
Nutrition is key to so many aspects of life, I’m learning that more and more each day.

Some of us grew up hearing and knowing about healthy eating habits, vegetarian, etc., and got lazy. Margaret, you are so beautiful, not just because you have regained your health and lost weight, but because you are a truly compassionate person who is living their beliefs.
After a few months, when I could not conceive, I was finally diagnosed withВ hypothyroidism and a pituitary adenoma (tumor). I said no to medications after receiving my diagnosis.В I wanted a miracle and I got it in the most unexpected way. I realized that it was going to take time to get better, so, I was patient and gave my body time to heal. While not everyone with hypothyroidism is (I am not), there are some who are and must avoid gluten, even if they do not test positive for Celiac disease. If you do not have severe symptoms and just got a wacky lab reading on your thyroid, do not jump on medications! If we fix our diet, we should be able to fix not just one, but most of our ailments, and for some of us–all.
I have seen many various diseases cured with the same dietary principals: thyroid, depression, pains and aches, arthritis, infertility, weight loss, sleep apnea, and many others.
They’ve seen Lyme disease, heart disease, and diabetes improve, weight lost and athleticism gained.
I would recommend the program that I designed and teach for people to improve all of their physical functions, including thyroid. If she cleaned up her diet and consumes some organic flesh, she can still get better, but you cannot get better on SAD (standard american diet). Last year, dropped about 12-15 pounds with the diet change so my weight is not the issue as I am at my perfect weight. Get my report that I offer for free and read through it–I had hypothyroidism and pituitary adenoma and could not conceive. I am following much of your advice [adhering to strict vegan lifestyle, + B12, no alcohol, raising amount of raw diet] and I’ve also added Gaia Thyroid support to see if that helps. My mind was always so clouded and unsure but changing my lifestyle has brought on so much clarity and peace.
You can also always save a bit by buying over ripen fruits, asking for a discount and freezing it for smoothies. I envisioned a family I have yet to build and enjoy, living long enough to watch my future children grow up and I wanted more from myself. I was, like I mentioned above, totally and completely unaware of my actions in the bigger picture of things. I too am losing weight so I know how challenging it can be and how much determination it takes.
Both times I was successful for like a month, but I grew tired of feeling so limited and gained back the weight. By your lifestyle choices you have opened the door to a journey of spiritual well being and real happiness and you are inspiring others to do the same. So happy for you that you are putting health first (and I love your plant strong vegan blog!). I was given no hope to cure the diseases and told that I have to be on medication for the rest of my life. The longer you are on medication, the more your thyroid gland gets damaged and you might become dependent on the very meds that damaged it.
One of the theories with connection between hypothyroidism and gluten intolerance, especially in case Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, is that much like the Celiac disease, which is an autoimmune disorder, the body, instead of attacking the gut, attacks the thyroid gland and destroys it.
So, those who might have completely shut their thyroid with meds, can at least improve it to the point that they would need less meds and should not be as symptomatic. There is too much junk in that, and, not to forget, animal foods come with their own hormones. Whenever I take any coconut oil (both internal and external) I end up having irregular menstruation, though my cycle is longer now since having low thyroid hormones. No meat for the last 12 months, no eggs for the past 6 months and a very limited amount of dairy– when about once a month my husband insists on buying a pizza! I Went Plant Based About A Year Ago And Came Off Along Meds But The Surgeons An Lost Over 30Lbs.

I was an adult that couldn’t take responsibility for myself and I came to the conclusion that enough was enough. I felt morally defeated and physically ill at the thought of everything I spent my life eating. So IВ focus on buying organic, in bulk when it’s on sale and getting a bulk discount to cut costs and save on what I love. My diet before ended lives of innocent animals, which to me now is so selfish and insensitive. I find I do my best when I don’t allow bad foods in the house and find a friend to workout with wishing you the best in your journey! I started 7 years ago, and now in my thirties I am sooo much healthier than I was in my twenties. Thankfully, I lived long enough to see that hypothyroidism is curable with the right tools (diet and lifestyle). The food is delicious, and feeling whole is certainly worth all the changes I made to be myself again.
While this is true, there is still hope that you will be able to heal enough to reduce medication dosage with this lifestyle and dietary changes. One is T-100 and is a natural (porcine) thyroid supplement that has a few other things including iodine. That tons of people eat this way without having to worry about completing proteins or supplementing with powders and pills. Then About a Few Months Ago I Started Gaining Weight And Getting Sharp, Stabbing Pains In My Calves. Especially after growing up with so many animals and having a huge heart for all living creatures. But, to my surprise, my family and parents specifically were very encouraging to my lifestyle change. If you are not sure if you are gluten intolerant, you can do a test, or simply exclude gluten products from your diet for a few weeks to see if you feel an improvement. You can read more about B12 and everything you need to know about diagnosis, treatment, etc., in the B12 report.
Most times than not, you will find that your numbers will improve (just as did mine after 2011 medication induced spike you saw on the graph). I wanted to make a change and prove to myself my life didn’t have to continue in this path. My energy is through the roof, I’m happy and much more optimistic about myself and life in general. I actually inspired my brother and sister-in-law to change as well and my father no longer eats red meat or buys non-organic foods. Very frequently, when my clients made the changes I suggest, their TSH (and well-being) improved drastically in just a few months, and even weeks for some. I am really hoping i can turn this around and not have to take all these supplements forever. I need to be an example to them, so they can see for themselves how, essentially living healthier isn’t always a daunting task, but an enjoyable and vibrant approach in life. You proved to me, that all the research and all the work I put to live in a more nourishing and thankful way, was always worth it.
Within days of eating a low fat mostly raw vegan diet, my energy shot through the roof and stabilized (no more crashes!) and my mental clarity drastically improved!
So after eating a mostly raw lfv diet for a couple months, I started to wean myself off my meds and paying close attention to how my body felt. I’ve gotten my thyroid levels checked multiple times since just to be sure, and while I still have thyroid antibodies (not sure if those are able to go away) all my levels are very healthy!

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